Toyota Is Thinking About A Manual Supra But Doesn’t Seem Sold On The Idea

Even before the latest-generation Toyota Supra premiered, there has been hopeful talk that a six-speed manual would soon be offered alongside the current eight-speed automatic.

Hopes were heightened last week following confirmation that the entry-level BMW Z4 sDrive20i in Europe with which the Supra shares its underpinnings will come standard with a manual.

While BMW has yet to say whether or not the six-cylinder variants of the Z4 could also get a stick shift, Automobile reached out to Toyota to see whether the release of a manual Z4 also means that a manual Supra is on the agenda.

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“We may have heard a time or two (or more) that there’s a desire for a manual transmission in the Supra,” a Toyota spokesperson said. “However, we’re confident in the performance of the current setup . . . We feel it’s the optimal combination for the U.S. market at this time and we’re anxious for customers to drive the new Supra and experience it for themselves. We’ll be sure to check back into the conversation at that time and see what people have to say.”

Evidently, Toyota is thinking about offering the new Supra with a manual transmission but it doesn’t seem sold on the idea of such a model, at least not in the United States. We imagine that if the Supra does get a six-speed option, this transmission option would initially be rolled out to select markets, perhaps including Japan where Toyota knows the Supra has a strong cult following among hardcore driving enthusiasts.

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  • Mr. EP9

    It’s not going to happen given how low the take rate will be. Just look elsewhere or put one in yourself if you really have to have a manual.

    • Yobobjm

      The take rate for manuals in sports cars still isn’t that low. Yeah that 86 is only 1/3 but the BRZ is 78%, WRX 90%, 76% for miatas, around 20% for most of the pony cars ect…

      I think they could find enough buyers to make it make sense.

      • Alex87f

        Well the BRZ & 86 have a slightly dated auto, and the WRX has a CVT. On more expensive cars, the take rate for whatever manual option is much lower (e.g. 15.65% on the M3), even on the few select cars it’s offered on, which you would think would garner the attention of all manual-wanting enthusiasts.

  • EyalN

    It’s a BMW sold by Toyota.
    If BMW will want to have a manual version they will have a manual version

    • Matt

      BMW do have a manual version of the Z4, but not mated to the straight-six.

  • dumblikeyou2

    This thing is to fat to have a manual anyway. Just put a spicy engine in the 86 already.

    • maxnix

      Another one who has never drive the Mk. V but knows all about it. Right …..

  • FlameWater

    It’s going to be a marked up special edition collectors model.


    german engineers won’t agree

  • Smith

    If they need more votes, they have mine. Yes Manual is needed. The BMW automatic is horrible and a car like the Supra desperately needs a manual transmission. Please, please. This is the only way I will buy one, and I will if it comes in manual.

    • Matt

      The ZF 8-speed is not horrible.

      • maxnix

        He has obviously never drive a ZF 8HP. One can always tell.

  • Lucius

    Haha! Everyone trying to put us purists down, but Toyota now trying to tactfully admit their shortcoming. There aren’t enough automatic lovin’ betas out there to make this thing profitable without us purists. Don’t make a latte for a beta without soy, and don’t make a sports car for an alpha without a manual.

    • Alex87f

      It’s funny we’ve heard that before, and things always wound up <5% manual take rate.
      Moslty because so-called enthusiasts are extremely vocal about the need for a manual and wind up buying a Versa because it's more practical.

      • maxnix

        Always more vocal demand than buyer demand.

      • Lucius

        WRONG! Sports cars, where a manual is offered, have 1/3 to 2/3 take rate.
        The so-called intelligent are extremely vocal, but end up being wrong.

        • Alex87f

          That’s certainly why Ferrari sold a total of 6 manual California’s. Same with the M3/M4.
          The corvette, cayman and 911 all have way under 1/4 manual take rate. But what do I know, I’m a so-called intelligent.

  • SteersUright

    If they dont introduce a proper DCT they’ll need to at least offer a manual.

    • maxnix

      I prefer a DCT, but the ZF 8HP is o=pretty damn close in shift speed.

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