VW To Preview New Entry-Level €20Κ EV As A Concept In Frankfurt

VW will reportedly unveil a concept version of its upcoming entry-level EV at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

The most affordable electric VW will slot underneath the ID 3 in the range and is expected to carry a price tag under 20,000 euros ($23,400 in current exchange rates). It will be similar in size to the Polo supermini and will probably be named the ID.1, with the ID.2 moniker likely reserved for an upcoming compact electric SUV.

“We start from the middle,” said Jürgen Stackmann, VW’s head of sales. “The number (3) indicates expandability, there is still plenty of room to move upwards, but also downwards. Because we still have a lot in the pipeline.”

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Stackmann also confirmed to Autocar that the entry-level EV will make its debut as a concept at Frankfurt next to the production version of the ID.3 which will be the main attraction at VW’s stand.

Previous reports said that the ED.1 will be marketed as a modern-day “people’s car” together with the also electric compact crossover, which is slated for 2023 or 2024.

Pre-orders for the new ID.3 have started today, with the company accepting deposits of €1,000 ($1,119). VW targets a base price of under €30,000 ($33,581) in Germany, before subsidies. The first EVs to follow it into production will be larger models, based on the Crozz, Buzz, Vizzion and Roomzz concepts, with the more affordable members of the ID family to show up later.

“In the long term we clearly need to scale down and be more aggressive on prices,” said Stackmann. “That will be a scale of industrialization, and it will take some time until we bring it into classes.”

Note: Larger VW ID.3 Pictured

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  • Lame.

    • Mike anonymous

      I am not agreeing, nor am I disagreeing with you. Although, I am curious to know why is it you think that?

      • The IAA is in September 2019 and VW is only showing the concept form of this car while Tesla Model 3 is already selling like hotcakes all over the world. I find the German carmakers catching up way too slow. As an electric car fan for me it’s more important to have more models from more brands than Tesla selling a lot of cars alone.

        • Mike anonymous

          I am a bit neutral on electrically powered vehicles, as personally I like all cars (or most I suppose) in general. With that stated, I do agree with your statement, I originally took it you were specifically talking about the vehicle, opposed to the way it is being released.

          I did want to mention that when they say ‘concept‘ it’s more so a ‘pre-production‘ unit Similar to The Aviator ‘Concept‘ of 2018 from Lincoln. Think of it as VW testing the waters to see what customer may and/or may not want prior to making any final decisions on the smaller aspects of the vehicle. It helps companies (especially those in VWs’ case who at the moment ‘need’ this vehicle to go well) to save on funding for aspects of the vehicle customers may not want or need (or to add things they may and/or may not want) (Maybe things such as interior trim choices, item placements, etc).
          So do know the term ‘concept’ is used very loosely in regards to the vehicle VW will be showing off.

          Again, I agree. I am personally glad VW is ‘catching up‘ at all, although I would say (considering the series of ID vehicles from VW was merely an idea a few years ago) I would say they are moving quite quickly.

        • P H

          “Tesla Model 3 is already selling like hotcakes all over the world.”

          Do you use cocaine as your name suggests?

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    Awful designs and still to expensive

    • Mike anonymous

      This vehicle is approximately the size of a VW Golf, But with the interior space of a Passat (or larger). The vehicles Quite A Bit Bigger Than it looks here. Think around the BMW i3 in size. All Things Considered, For What customers will be getting I think this vehicle is reasonably priced starting at under €30,000 ($33,581). With 200 and 340 miles of range, that’s seems like quite a deal (also considering the extra space), compared to something such as the Model 3 or Y from Tesla (or other automaker EVs’ around that price).

      “We start from the middle,” said Jürgen Stackmann, VW’s head of sales. “The number (3) indicates expandability, there is still plenty of room to move upwards, but also downwards. Because we still have a lot in the pipeline.”

      If your awaiting a small hatch or sedan EV from VW, that is still sometimes away. The ID.3 may differ from your current expectations. Like With The Arteon, VW seems to pulling out quite a number of the stops to make their first impression to the market on that not only sticks, but lasts,.. again, so it seems.

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