2020 Genesis G80 Now Available In Australia With 311 HP V6, Two Trim Levels

Australians have been eagerly awaiting the local launch of Genesis an, finally, the South Korean car manufacturer has landed on local shores with the G80 and G70.

The Genesis G80 coming to Australia isn’t as new as its smaller sibling; in fact, the company has actually been working on a redesign which will be unveiled in September. It remains to be seen when the updated G80 will be sold Down Under, but for now, local buyers will have to make do with the current model.

The luxury sedan will be sold in 3.8 and 3.8 Ultimate grades. Both use a 3.8-liter V6 311 HP at 6000 rpm and 397 Nm (292 lb-ft) of torque at 5000 rpm. This engine is mated to a lightweight aluminum eight-speed automatic transmission that powers the rear wheels.

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Buyers will be able to switch between Normal, Eco, Sport, and Snow modes depending on the driving conditions. Genesis spent many months testing the G80 on roads across Australia to perfectly tune its suspension and steering settings for local conditions. Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension with Dynamic Stability Damping Control and Electronic Control Suspension come standard in both grades and have the ability to adjust compression and rebound forces up to 100 times per second.

The G80 also sports a comprehensive array of safety systems. These include Blind-Spot Collision Warning, Driver Attention Warning, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with pedestrian detection, and High Beam Assist. There is also Lane Departure Warning, Pre-active Seat Belt, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning, Smart Cruise Control, a Surround View Monitor, Parking Distance Warning, and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Locals prices for the entry-level G80 3.8 start at $68,900 AUD ($47,917), while the G80 3.8 Ultimate can be had from $88,900 AUD ($61,827).

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  • Bash

    This looks wonderful tbh, I wouldn’t mind owning and driving this G80.

  • Ahmad Rashed

    Did they say if it was the direct injection or port injection version of their Lambda V6? That’s a pretty low HP number for their direct injection 3.8L version.

  • Jawohl

    Was voted the highest depreciating model in the US. Money well spent. Not.

    • bd0007

      Based on what?

      Pretty much all the biggest depreciation rankings list the usual suspects (Germans).

      Based on 2013 to 2018 vehicles (iSeecars)

      1. Leaf
      2. Volt
      3. 7 Series
      4.S Class
      5. Fusion Energi
      6. 6 Series
      7. 5 Series
      8. E Class
      9. XJL
      10. Impala

      • Jawohl

        I provided you with an example yesterday !
        But here it is again – Google “ motorbiscuit Don’t Plan on Reselling: These 10 Cars Depreciate Fast”
        Plenty of other sources.

        • Bo Hanan

          That article is 2 years old and was about the 2014 model year.

          • Jawohl

            So you are saying it no longer depreciates poorly?

          • bd0007

            Not as much as the Germans.

            What – now, your going to IGNORE the data, even tho it comes from the SAME source? lol

        • bd0007

          That Motorbiscuit article you reference just cites ISeeCars’ study, of which I have posted the LATEST edition, which is exactly the SAME list that Motorbiscuit has for its most RECENT article on depreciation (where no Genesis vehicles are listed).

          That older article you cite was published in 2017, which had “special” circumstances, as it was the year that the Genesis sedan (model in question) was RE-branded the Genesis G80, so the Genesis sedan, which was previously sold as a Hyundai, got hit w/ added depreciation.

          You don’t see the G80 on the latest list, nor, for that matter, the G90 – and flagship sedans usually get hit w/ higher depreciation than for the mid-segment (as seen by both the S Class and 7 Series have higher depreciation than the 5 Series and E Class).

          In fact, a recent Autotrader article (which, again cites ISeeCars data) says this…

          “If you’re shopping for a new luxury car, consider one of the Japanese or
          KOREAN luxury marques like Lexus, Acura, Infiniti or GENESIS. You’ll
          likely take less of a depreciation hit than you would with a similar car
          from Cadillac, BMW or Mercedes-Benz.”

          • Jawohl

            I think your best option is let some other sucker buy one new and then you can get a 1 or 2 year old for next to nothing. Happy days👍

          • bd0007


            The SAME thing applies when you purchase a 5 Series or E Class (but even more so).

            And the Genesis will hold its value even BETTER than the Germans post the warranty period.

            In other words, you got NOTHING!

          • Jawohl

            It’s ok. There is nothing wrong with buying a budget lux brand. If it makes you happy than that’s all that matters.

          • bd0007

            So, since you have NOTHING (totally blew holes in your argument), you (predictably) resort to AD HOMINEM attacks. lol

            And who cares if Genesis is a “budget” lux brand – that’s nothing different from Lexus, Infiniti and esp. Acura.

          • Jawohl


          • bd0007

            As usual, you got NOTHING, after I totally reamed your lame/misleading troll posts.

          • Jawohl

            reaming seems to be your speciality. Nice job

    • Porkopolis

      A new Genesis is anywhere from $10-20k less than an equivalent BMW depending on options. Used 2016 models have a similar $10-15k gap. Throw out percentages and you save more money with the Genesis. In another year there will be no warranty remaining on the 2016 BMW, whereas the 2016 Genesis will have until 2026 up to 100k miles.

      • Jawohl

        You don’t dont buy a Genesis new. Wait a year and get a bargain

        • Porkopolis

          Correct. In a year the Genesis is an even bigger bargain than the equivalent used BMW because you’ll still save $10-15k over an equivalent BMW and have a better CPO warranty than a BMW.

    • Enter Ranting

      We get it. You don’t want one. So Hyundai should give up their aspiration of producing upscale cars, right?

      • Jawohl

        someone’s a bit sensitive to Genesis’s poor depreciation

        • Enter Ranting

          Yeah – that someone is you. Every time there’s an article about Genesis on this site, you bring it up. Why are you so affected by it?

          • Jawohl

            because you keep reacting🤫

          • Enter Ranting

            Nope – this is the first time I called you on it. But keep obsessing about a car brand you don’t want.

          • Jawohl

            Triggered much?

          • Enter Ranting

            You’re the one with the knee-jerk reaction to every Genesis article, not me.

          • Jawohl

            Yet you can’t help but reply. Oh the irony 😂

          • Enter Ranting

            You’re right, I can’t help making you look like a fool. Keep it up. Everyone here is laughing at you. The ball’s in your court…

          • Jawohl

            Looks like we are likeminded. Nice job👍

          • bd0007

            He’s a TROLL.

          • bd0007

            More like Hyundai triggers you since you post the same OUTDATED and misleading info. on every thread about Hyundai or Genesis.

          • Jawohl

            yet you can’t help but reply. Oh the irony 🤫

  • smartalec

    I don’t think anyone here has been eagerly awaiting Genesis. You could already buy this vehicle as a Hyundai, only taxi companies buy them.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Not exceptional looking but I bet you get a lot of RWD V6 goodness for your money.

  • Jawohl

    See it yourself.

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