2020 VW Golf Mk8: Why Bother With Camo When It’s That Evolutionary?

A pair of VW Golf Mk8 test cars were spotted during some late development work, giving us another look at the compact hatchback’s new look.

The two test cars featured almost no camouflage, retaining some masking tape on the front bumper, headlights and taillights to cover the finer details of an otherwise evolutionary design.

The differences between the Golf Mk7 and Mk8 will apparently be greater once you step inside, with the new model featuring a completely reworked interior. VW wants the new Golf to be the segment’s most connected vehicle, featuring a new always-online infotainment system capable of receiving over-the-air updates.

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The dashboard of the new Golf Mk8 will adopt a minimal design with very few hard switches and buttons; all models will come with a digital instrument cluster as standard and a crisp touchscreen display for the infotainment system. A thin touch panel at the base of the infotainment display is also present for the HVAC controls.


The new, eighth generation Golf will ride on an updated version of the MQB platform, aiming to retain its lead in refinement, interior space and ease of use in the compact hatch segment. Much like what happens with the outgoing Golf, only the more powerful models will get a rear independent suspension.

Although we can’t confirm it, some reports also suggest that the number of bodystyles offered is set to be reduced, with the three-door and wagon models facing the axe.

The engine range will also be updated, offering more power along with better fuel economy and less emissions. Buyers will get to choose between petrol, diesel and CNG-powered models, but the highlight of the range will be the new 48-volt mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. The latter is expected to offer a pure electric range of up to 50 miles (80km).

VW was originally going to reveal the new Golf Mk8 at the Frankfurt Motor Show but opted not to, in order to highlight the reveal of the production version of the battery electric ID.3 hatchback. Instead, the new VW Golf Mk8 will debut during a special reveal event this October, with first deliveries expected to start at the end of the year.

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Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


    the scala is still more cheaper than new golf

    • J. P.

      And it looks much better and more stylish, the upcoming SEAT Leon will also look good

    • Un Tipo Serio

      You know, “but is a VW” and that bullshit.

    • Bart

      Scala is not a Golf direct rival, it’s a Polo made slightly longer. Hence the lower price. Octavia and Leon will be priced as the new golf, probably slightly cheaper but with a worse interior. That is: if VW will bother to make Golf interior not as cheap as their recent creations (Tiguan, and entire T-family).


        wonder if skoda decided to make a brand new octavia with traditional hatchback look

  • Netsphere

    wow this is horrible, what happened?

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    VW was originally going to reveal the new Golf Mk8 at the Frankfurt Motor Show but opted not to, instead choosing to fully develop the dashboard-mounted wood-fired pizza oven said to make Chevrolet’s touchscreen Domino’s ordering service totally redundant.
    A VW spokesperson was later quoted as saying, “The oven is emission-free as we use smokeless fuel lighters”
    An EPA spokesperson replied, “We’re curently investigating VW’s claims.”
    As a result VW have chosen to “develop” the in-car oven further and delay the Golf’s launch until next year.*


  • Bart

    What? No wagon? That’s weird. I thought they were quite popular.

  • EyalN

    you don’t need Camo when it looks the same as mk7, mk6, mk5, mk4, mk3

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    I absolutely can’t stand that interior.

    Nothing about that looks premium, refined, or nice. It looks absolutely terrible. So sad about that, it ruins the Golf for me.

  • That nose.
    Very much hung.

  • Vangelis Goulis

    Bulky and not in a good way

  • OdysseyTag

    Looks like it might have a continual DRL strip across the grille or at the very least one that integrates with a chrome strip across the grille.

    If the former, would probably be one of the first cars I’ve seen extend the DRLs like that (Ala the ID. 3 )

    • Mike anonymous

      This is something I’ve pointed out many times in the past. It is a design feature VW stated (years ago) the wanted to bring to all of their vehicle in the future (of course needing to get around certain legal issues), but the upcoming ID.3 Will have continual DRL strip just as the new Golf here might.

      • OdysseyTag

        Quite true.

  • Miknik

    I wonder why they even bothered; It is still based of MQB, so all updated parts could in theory be added to the current chassis as well; As well as a new inteiror or engine;

    And the outside looks like a worsening facelift, with large parts of the sub sheet metal body structure up to the b-pillar (actually, the only thing looking slightly different is the 3rd side window in the rear door) being a carryover anyway, just looking a lot worse and less sharp now; Why not keep the Mk. 7 for a year or two longer and then a proper, all new model?

  • sidewaysspin

    The car looks good except for the headlights, too busy.

  • KAG25

    The changed the dash, seems like a bad idea

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