Doctors Try To Skip Traffic By Driving The Opposite Way, Cyclist Makes Them Turn Around

To say that car drivers and cyclists don’t always go along would be quite an understatement, don’t you think? At least in most parts of the world – and the following video is one such case.

The clip was filmed in London by a local cyclist who runs a YouTube channel and shows a Volvo XC90 driving down the wrong side of the road in an attempt to skip traffic before making a right-hand turn.

It’s pretty clear that what the driver of the SUV is doing is illegal. His female passenger soon hops out of the vehicle to speak with the cyclist, claiming that the two are doctors and that they had patients waiting for them at a clinic. She proceeds to take a photo of the man blocking their path, perhaps in an attempt to get him to move out of the way and left them past.

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The cyclist, however, has none of it and refuses to leave until the driver of the Volvo reverses back up the road, bringing an end to the whole shebang.

While the Volvo driver was clearly to blame for triggering the situation, it’s worth pointing out that the clip does show at least three cyclists also traveling against traffic in the same lane as the Volvo. The driver of a taxi later pulls over and addresses the cyclist, stating “remember what you do on the bike” and blaming him for blocking traffic.

Fair point; two wrongs do not make a right, and no matter what you drive or ride, traffic rules apply in the exact same way.



  • KAG25

    To much lane wasted on the bikes, people need to get to work. Let the rich people play on there bikes whenthe rest of the people are at work.

    • McFly

      Indeed! Let the poor people who can only afford a crappy Volvo XC90 get to their shift at the factory without being hindered by the rich people who can afford to travel on actual bicycles.

      There were TWO people crammed into that tiny luxury SUV, which makes them basically North Korean peasants.

    • The irony of the story is if these lazy entitled people would have gotten on a bicycle, they would not be late. Best transportation method in cities. We need WAY more bike lanes everywhere. Bicycles are eco-friendly and they give you a workout which means reduced cost in healthcare. Cars on the other hand pollute, more cost for the healthcare.

      • TRB0T0Y

        Perhaps if everyone worked at a farm or junkyard, sure, we could all bike to work. However, there’s an expectation of professional appearance/odor at most jobs. Most of us can’t go to work drenched in sweat/rain/snow; hence, the need to drive to work enclosed in a vehicle.

        • I disagree. Danish people can solve it, everyone can solve it. If you are prone to sweat, buy an electric bike. I’m not a “champion of public transport”, I own a car, but I would never drive in traffic jam just to be “enclosed”, when I can take my bike or public transportation that’s quicker (which is the case many times). Car remains for weekend getaways mostly. Of course if you live far from public transportation or work then car is just about the only option, but in most places in the (developed) world that’s rare.

          • TRB0T0Y

            Well you’re certainly able to disagree, but there’s no swaying me. If one has to dress in a suit, maybe take a briefcase, a gym bag, lunch, maybe pick up groceries after work, during a torrential downpour, or a half foot of snow, there is simply no ‘solving it’. Biking is not a viable option. Factor in a 10-20+ mile commute and idiot drivers… I’m not about to risk my life or my job by biking.
            But for pleasure? Heck yes! Biking is a real hoot. I am currently looking around to get one for fun, weekend jaunts and such. But day-to-day commuting to work? No thanks.
            Public transportation? Depending what your route is like, that’s very specific to where one lives/works. It would triple my commute. No thanks again.

          • Agreed, this all depends where you live, what kind of public transportation you have and what’s your work. In modern offices you have a shower and changing room as well. In your case biking is not an option and seems like your public transportation is not the best either. However in most European big cities most people live close enough to their workplace to bike there and many times public transportation is quicker. I’m not a fan of people who go in their cars just so that they can avoid public transportation. A developed city is not where the poor are traveling by car, but where the rich is using the public transportation / bike to work.

  • scjeff

    I’d swear we’ve seen a video on this same road, but the next block, with someone doing something similar and a car making them back up to wait their turn.

  • brn

    Never been a fan of self proclaimed traffic enforcement, but the “doctor” was quite a bit worse. She honestly believed she was in the right, because of her profession.

  • benT

    thanks to the cyclist. let one of these through and the avalanche happens everywhere. tell them get an uber flying fart.

  • Rahul Mandala

    You do realize that new XC90’s resale values aren’t down to $4000 and actually hold their value better, right? If we’re talking first gen XC90s, then they’ll probably be worth around $4000.

    • KAG25

      We traded one in after a decade for that much, that is what they go for. Very bad resale value, but nice SUVs

  • Rahul Mandala

    Poor XC90…A brilliant car driven by rather self-entitled people who want to think that they have the right of way. Trying to give Volvo drivers a bad name.

  • jfalckt

    I love the cyclists persistence, respect to you.

  • Tostik

    I’ll never forget, as a kid, when my brother nearly choked to death. My uncle tried to drive him fast to the local clinic, but someone wouldn’t get out of the way. He was gonna enforce the speed limit like this arrogant biker. Fortunately, my brother got the piece of food up out of his throat before we got to the clinic. Please don’t be a policeman, you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Not only that, but there are people out there that will shoot you for that, or run over you. Don’t be a policeman!

    • TB

      Very valid point.

  • Joe_Pubic

    this cyclist is not a policeman. He should have never have stepped out in the first place. His channel is full of this I am taking the law into my own hands type of thing. One day he will unfortunately get hurt. Life is too short to argue the toss with idiot drivers.

    • kathloon

      it seems like they knew someone who got hurt because of drivers doing this in this same street. thats why he did what he did.

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