Karma Hilariously Strikes Cyclist Yelling To Driver To Pay Attention

Cyclists and motorists don’t always get along and for good reason. Those peddling on two wheels don’t always follow the rules of the road (nor do drivers) while those moving around on four wheels are often unobservant and blissfully unaware of cyclists around them.

The often-toxic relationship between cyclists and motorists can boil over and that’s exactly what happened recently in the U.S.

As we see so often, it starts off by showing a motorist unexpectedly swerving into the bicycle lane on the side of a road. In the process of swerving into the bike lane, the driver almost wipes out a pair of cyclists simply going about their business.

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One of the cyclists screams at the driver, shouting “Come on you f**king idiot!” while the second cyclist yells “Pay attention! Pay attention!” Unfortunately for this second cyclist, he wasn’t paying as much attention as he should have either as he rear-ends the other cyclist when the rider ahead of him suddenly stopped.

Initially, it seems as if this will result in a rather awkward confrontation between the two cyclists but instead, they both turn their attentions back towards the motorist and once again remind him to stay out of the bicycle lane.

All in all, the clip serves as an important reminder to always remain vigilant while on the roads, whether you’re a cyclist or a motorist.


  • LJ

    My only issue with cyclists is when they’re on roads where they can’t possibly keep up with traffic and end up slowing everyone else down.

    • Not sure I understand the logic employed in the UK, or specifically when I’ve been in London. But all forms of two-wheeled motivation go the front of the line (they call queue) of cars, and space out wide across the front of all the cars. Still don’t understand why the slowest off the line vehicles go to the front.

      • LeStori

        So they can frustrate faster moving traffic….

  • kachuks

    The prima donnas of the road.

    Nowadays, i just assume everyone I encounter on the road is a complete tard. It helps keep my temper in check.

  • TheBelltower

    Cyclists can be the absolute worst. Why would this guy post a video of his own stupidity?

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      ? Haha

  • дапвт

    First guy seriously needs anger management classes. Like yesterday.

  • salamOOn

    they are behind the car, so it would be normal if they would pay attention in the first place. i believe bikes have some mysterious device called brakes.

  • Mr. EP9

    And this is why people don’t like cyclists.

  • benT

    bicycle lane means Bicycles Only.
    car was half in / out of the bicycle lane and tried to go into the bicycle lane and the parking lane to avoid stopping in the car traffic flow.
    car at fault, should have been booked.
    this video if reproduced in some australian states would be sufficient for driver to be booked and fined a few hundred dollars.

  • Harry_Wild


  • brn

    and run into other cyclists.

  • Paul

    That was funny. Then he lets the world see his stupidity by posting it.

  • KAG25


  • Chandrasiri

    Comically spandexed mid-life crisis cyclists.

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