Man High On Meth And Coke Steals Mail Truck, Chase Ends In Rollover

Florida authorities seem pretty busy lately, as the Holly Hill Police Department was involved in a bizarre pursuit over the weekend involving a stolen postal vehicle.

According to WFTV, Jesse Estep approached a mail carrier on Saturday and threatened her with mace. Not wanting to get sprayed, she surrendered her vehicle and Estep sped away from the scene.

This kicked off a large scale police chase, which culminated in a crash on I-95. While it’s hard to see in the YouTube video, two deputies from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office positioned themselves ahead of the chase and deployed stop sticks.

Estep tried to avoid them, but was apparently unsuccessful. As you can see in the clip, the truck rapidly swerves out of control and then crosses all three lanes of the interstate before flipping over and landing on its side.

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Estep was arrested following the crash and the station says he’s facing “numerous charges from four agencies.” There were reportedly hundreds of pieces of mail in the truck at the time of the crash, but their condition remains unknown.

In a statement, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said: “The suspect immediately told deputies that he was high on meth and cocaine. It is a miracle that no deputies, police officers, or other travelers on the roadway were hurt during the reckless driving of this suspect. I’m especially grateful that his efforts to injure my deputies failed.”


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    • Noah Milne

      Specifically Florida

  • Mr. EP9

    The moment I saw the headline I just knew this had to be in Florida and I was right. That state never ceases to amaze me.

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    High on coke and meth but it was that couple I found incredibly annoying.

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    There were reportedly hundreds of pieces of mail in the truck at the time of the crash, but their condition remains unknown………………………………I am so scared for those letters.

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    …..of course it is Florida.

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