Three Naked Women Lead Police On High-Speed Chase In Florida

Three women who claim to have been “air drying” after showering at a Florida rest area, went on to lead authorities on a high-speed chase near Interstate 75, resulting in their capture and arrest.

The witness who called the police said that “all three of them” were “standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion,” reports The Smoking Gun. When a trooper arrived at the scene, the three women attempted to explain their situation, stating that they had spent the night at the rest stop “due to an altercation” at a local residence.

The trooper also found a case of water and a bottle of soap on the ground next to the women, however, before she could complete her investigation, the women jumped into their car and sped off on the highway.

Here’s where it gets dangerous: their car was eventually found in the parking lot of a convenience store that the trio had entered, with clothes on. However, when another trooper attempted to arrest one of the women, he was almost struck by the driver of the white car. That’s when another woman jumped out of the car with a pink baseball bat and “approached the trooper”, prompting another officer to ram the vehicle, which led to a chase.

After deflating the suspects’ car’s tires, a PIT maneuver was deployed in order to get them to surrender. While the footage below shows us that part of the chase, it doesn’t show the moment when the women reportedly resisted arrest and had to be tasered before being taken into custody.

In the end, the trio (identified as Highlanders Oasis Sharkira McLeod, Jeniyah McLeod and Cecilia Eunique Young) were charged with fleeing to elude, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, possession of marijuana and of course, indecent exposure.



    3 naked women? Let me guess, they’re lesbians and overdose with opiods.

    • Ludmil Kushinov

      Each one 150 kilos.. at least. Small cuties..


    Still i’m more worry about these cops more than ISIS. These cops beat and kill people without getting consequences.

    • carlbolt

      Being a cop means you have the license to kill for whatever reason.

      • LJ

        Being a cop means risking your life everyday to uphold law and order so mouth breathing cowards like yourself can rant anonymously from a keyboard in the safety of your mom’s basement.

        • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

          -Captain save a cop who doesn’t understand the the corruption of the police force.

          I guess one of your family member is a cop and you have a lack of understand to the real world. Go back playing minecraft kid.

          • LJ

            No cops in my family, but I understand the need for and have respect for an authority that upholds the law, and I also understand the minds of morons like yourself that hate anyone who might hold them accountable for their actions.

          • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

            Authorities that is above the law and harassing people 24/7 is keeping others safe? You only saying that because of your Caucasian privilege. Like i said, you’re still young and you have a lot of growing to do. Need some milk, little man?

          • LJ

            Maybe learn to write properly before telling someone else they need to grow up.

          • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

            Says the guy that cries over a comment on the internet. You really need some milk, don’t you little boy. All of that anger coming from your little pores.

          • Mr. EP9

            No one is above the law and cops certainly aren’t harassing people 24/7. I’m well aware there are bad cops who abuse their authority, but there are also good cops too who actually do their job quite well. If you weren’t so stuck on this notion that all cops are bad you’d know that. However, you followed up with “you’re only saying that because of white privilege” so I already know this argument will go nowhere as you won’t listen.

          • Dude

            Half a point for nuance I guess but saying that no one is above the law is several times more egregious than any point about white privilege could ever be.

        • europeon

          Don’t you find it intresting that only US cops “risk” their lives *everyday* unlike, say, European cops that focus on being friendly with the civilians and don’t have this sort of cowboy antics?

          • LJ

            Sounds like something an arrogant, ignorant European would say.

        • paulgdeaton

          “Being a cop means risking your life everyday to uphold law and order. Over-zealous, testosterone-filled cops make the entire profession look bad and unprofessional, and create animosity and disrespect between the departments and the general public.”

          There… I fixed it for you…

          • LJ

            I was referring to the vast majority of good, honest cops, not the small minority of bad apples that exist within all facets of work and life.

        • Dude

          How do those boots taste you salty doormat? Being a roofer is more dangerous than being a cop so why don’t you shed your bítch tears for them instead.

  • carlbolt

    come on, where are the naked women?

    • Perry F. Bruns

      You have to know that the women you see naked in the news are never the ones you WANT to see naked.

      • RDS Alphard

        I meant, some people has different taste, so…

      • Bo Hanan


    • Leo

      ikr….the clickbait title

  • devonair

    Haha, I knew before I finished reading the headline that “in florida” was going to be a key part of this

  • DMax

    Who’s the witness cuck that called the police?

  • Panhead

    i guess them FL cops don’t like naked women driving away afore they complete a thorough investigation. LOL

  • ctk4949

    Did the cop had to ram the car after it was stopped?? Did the other cop have to hit the car with a stick over and over again. Did the other have cop have to slam his leg in to the window??

    • Murricah. Land of guns and violence.

    • Jay

      Did three naked women have speed, drive recklessly and lead police on a chase? All of our answers are No.

    • Thunderbolt

      They saw 3 naked women, their Testosterone went through the roof, so yeah.

    • brn

      Yes. One of the women threatened an officer with deadly force. Another attempted deadly force.

      The occupants demonstrated the ability and willingness to use deadly force against police officers. The level of force used in the video was not out of line.

    • Alx

      That was my initial thought/question, and I do agree with brn below… totally warranted.

  • Enter Ranting

    In Florida, you say? Huh…

  • Mr. EP9

    Of course this was Florida. Why wouldn’t it be?

  • ErnieB

    My home state never disappoints!! Go Florida!

  • Dude

    I would’ve assumed that public nudity was legal in Florida. I assume than ran because of the weed but that’s even more bs than some nark calling the cops on some naked girls.

  • Paul

    I don’t know, but this all sounds like the makings of a new hit song.

  • Sybill Julian

    GRAND THEFT AUTO is always real in United States!!

  • Peter Vancouver

    Not bad, but I prefer the 3 Clowns on a tricycle takedown better

  • blunt-o

    Were the 3 ladies setting up the cops while being Black? That’s the 5 million dollar question. Yes?

  • Socarboy

    ….in other news, today’s weird from Florida….

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