New Nissan Leaf E+ Reduces Range Anxiety, But Demands A Compromise

The second generation Leaf has welcomed a new version with a longer range that sits on the top of the lineup. Named the Leaf e+ Tekna, is £7,900 ($10,054/€8,830) more expensive than the base Acenta in the UK and comes with a few visual and technical enhancements.

Compared to the rest of the Leafs, which pack a 40 kWh battery and have a range of up to 168 miles (270 km), the Leaf e+ Tekna uses a 62 kWh battery with rapid-charge functionality.

In the WLTP cycle, the range has increased to 239 miles (385 km). This is almost on par with some of its competitors, like the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro, both of which are a about £3,000 ($3,817/€3,353) cheaper. Upgrading to the Tesla Model 3 SR+ requires spending an extra £3,000 ($3,817/€3,353), with the Leaf+ Tekna starting at £35,895 ($45,682/€40,119) including the £3,500 ($4,454/€3,912) Government Grant.

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Aside from the bigger battery, which has increased the ride height by 5 mm (0.2 in) and has made the car 150 kg (331 lbs) heavier, Nissan’s top-of-the-line EV gets a more powerful motor, too, that puts out 217 PS (214 hp / 160 kW) instead of the 150 PS (148 hp / 110 kW) the rest of the Leafs have to make do with. This allows it to accelerate to drop the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) time by 1.0 second, to 6.9, and max out at 98 mph (158 km/h).

The redesigned front end and different 16-inch wheels are the major things that distinguish it visually from the rest of the lineup, whereas inside, it uses the same 8-inch touchscreen display with smartphone connectivity, navigation system and other amenities.

Now, having the ability to travel for nearly as much as its competitors in between charges should at least provide peace of mind to owners with range anxiety. However, the technical upgrades have made it less comfortable, WhatCar noted in their video review shared below, which might just talk some out of it. So, under these conditions, would one really need to spend extra on the Leaf e+ or should they settle to the lesser versions instead?


  • Paul

    This is still not good enough. They need to get these things to a capacity point to get you to be able to make a 300 or so mile trip from the small town areas of certain states in the US to the major cities in one trip without a long charge stop or over night stint. This is where a ICE vehicle has them beat, you just gas up and off you go.

    • James

      So 200 miles of range with a stop for a charge and a meal is not enough for what percentage of the driving public? The perfect should not be the enemy of the pretty damn good. 90% of the fleet can and should be electrified asap. Persons who are not prepared to make small sacrifices to help same the atmosphere should purchase a ticket for Planet B

      • Paul

        No. say you live in central or northern Nevada or in Wyoming and need to go to the big City of Las Vegas or Cheyenne to see a Specialist to treat a medical problem or any other myriad of situations and this is your only transportation, and you don’t have days in your schedule to make the trip you have to go in one drive. ICE does this kind of thing so much better.

        • Super Rob

          So many don’t realize there is a world outside of NY and SF. If you live in TX you will drive between DFW, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. A couple hundred miles with AC on will drain the battery just going one way. Not going to sit around for hours trying to “gas up” so I can get home. Many times I’ve said that when we can charge an EV in less than 10 minutes every 7-11 and truck stop will be adding in charges at no expense to the taxpayers. Until then EV’s are not viable. Right now there isn’t enough raw materials to even make the batteries for them.

  • TheBelltower

    Everyone said that “it’s gotta have 200 miles of range.” Now people are all like “it’s gotta have 300 miles of range.” The reality is, it would be helpful if there was a supercharging-style network that would make the occasional road trip a lot easier. Though with the ability to fuel your car in your garage or driveway and need to think about charging a lot less, this is going to be appealing to a lot of people. But the reality is, just get a Model 3 and get a better car in every way.

  • HD

    Conclusion: just get a Model 3. Can’t believe their prices are so close to each-other. This Leaf is inferior to the Model 3 in every possible way.

  • Andrew

    The Leaf e-Plus tries to compete with the Model 3 and fails in every way other than a few thousand dollars. If you are a long range road warrior, then the Model 3 is for you.

    That being said, a bigger part of the population commutes an hour or less, so the standard 40 kw Leaf with 155 mi range charges from home over night and can fast charge during occasional road trips might be a better fit for now. And it’s half the price of the Model 3 after rebates. I have one and I love it, though I intend to buy a Model Y in about 4 years.

  • Super Rob

    You are assuming that everyone even has a garage to put a charger in. No one is going to live in an apartment and go sit at a charger for hours. EV’s are a novelty right now. When battery recharge gets below 10 minutes the switch will be incredibly fast. That’s if they can even build batteries for all of them. Right now they can’t. Now if your prime objective is to save the environment then you wouldn’t own an EV. Cradle to grave they are destroying the environment with the lithium mining. A Prius would be your vehicle of choice.

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