Porsche Launching Livery Design Platform For Creative Customers

By using Porsche Digital’s soon-to-be unveiled vehicle livery design platform, customers will be able to apply all types of new designs to their favorite cars, influenced either by motorsport, fashion or art. It’s why the platform is collaborating with artists, design studios, foil providers and vinyl paint manufacturers.

Dubbed Second Skin, it will be available beginning this July and will allow users to design liveries not just for Porsche models, but also vehicles made by other automotive brands.

A complete livery will start at around 4,000 euros ($4,535).

“As the livery segment is a very fragmented market, we have created a central port of call with ‘Second Skin’ to guarantee quality and offer a comprehensive approach to finding a solution,” said Second Skin project manager Simon Weiss.

After applying a new design to a selected vehicle model, customers will then receive a non-binding offer and will be able to finish the order online.

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“We wanted to use the project in Le Mans to demonstrate what we can do in terms of automotive design and that there are no limits to the imagination with ‘Second Skin’. The greatest challenge was to apply a three-part image on a vehicle. We are also very happy with the result because the effect of the colors is unique,” explained Porsche Digital exec Florian Rothfuss.

Care to see just how spectacular a Porsche model can look with a Second Skin livery? Look no further than the Porsche 911 RSR that’s set to arrive at the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16.

New York Pop Art artist Richard Phillips combined three of his most popular works to create this unique design, which was later implemented in cooperation with Porsche Digital and Second Skin.

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    Thank you, Porsche Digital, but I think I’ll stick with One Soul Graphics Detroit.

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