2020 Acura MDX Launches With $44,400 Starting Price, MDX Sport Hybrid From $52,900

Customers interested in purchasing 2020MY Acura MDX or MDX Sport Hybrid models in the U.S. can do so now from $44,400 for the former, and $52,900 for the more powerful version. The prices do not include the $995 destination and handling charge.

The 2020 MDX can be purchased with base, Tech and Advance package options, with the Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system available as an optional extra.

The A-Spec version is still available and comes with a wide range of upgrades such as unique exterior styling, high-contrast seat and door panel stitching and contrasting front seat side garnishes. Also available are front passenger seats with standard 4-way power lumbar adjustment, a “walk through” second-row seat configuration on Technology and Entertainment packages, plus a trim-exclusive matching wood center console that you can get on the Advance Package.

Performance meanwhile comes from a 3.5-liter i-VTEC V6 engine with 290 HP and 267 lb-ft (362 Nm) of torque, working alongside a 9-speed automatic transmission.

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Last but not least we have 9 exterior color options where the following four are considered Premium colors: Majestic Black Pearl, Performance Red Pearl, Canyon Bronze Metallic and the A-Spec-exclusive Apex Blue Pearl. Additional colors include White Diamond Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Gun Metal Metallic, Lunar Silver Metallic and Fathom Blue Pearl.

2020 MDX Sport Hybrid

This is the more potent version of the MDX, equipped with a 3.0-liter i-VTEC V6 unit and a three-motor Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system for a total of 321 HP and 289 lb-ft (392 Nm) of torque, all coming together through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

Buyers can get it with either the Technology or Advanced package, where the former holds seating for seven and the latter a 6-passenger cabin configuration with second-row captain’s chairs and a large second-row center console.

Features include body colored lower side sills, authentic Desert Olive Ash wood highlights, high contrast seat and door panel stitching, plus matching wood center console trim for Advance Package models. As for its exterior color options, the following eight are available: Gunmetal Metallic, White Diamond Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Lunar Silver Metallic, Fathom Blue Pearl, Majestic Black Pearl, Performance Red Pearl and Canyon Bronze Metallic – the last three being premium colors.

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  • Six_Tymes

    same basic body, and SAME 10+ year old platform. It must be a good one to last that long.

    • Joe La Puma

      It sure is. Here’s the US sales numbers for May 2019…

      4425 – Acura MDX
      4204 – BMW X5
      3882 – Mercedes-Benz GLE
      3241 – Audi Q7

      …not bad for a “10+ year old platform”

      • Belthronding

        Good one, sir


        2014 and it’s not even pass 10 years. If you’re confusing yourself with the sienna then sure.

      • bd0007

        Eh, the MDX SHOULD be outselling the likes of the X5 – considering the BMW starts at $59k (nearly $15k higher than the MDX).

        The MDX is a lot closer in price to the X3 – which starts at $41k and despite being in a smaller size-segment, ends up being pricier than the MDX in its top trims comparably equipped.

        Like for the RX and XT5, buyers get a MID-size CUV for the price of a German compact.

      • nastinupe

        What about the following?

        1) Ford Explorer: 13,679
        2) Chevy Tahoe: 10,981

        The BMW X5, MB GLE and Audi Q7 are like $20k – $30k more expensive. They aren’t in the same class.

      • Baeyoung ❂

        How many BMA were sold to leasing companies…

    • Dennis Scipio

      An all-new MDX is coming for the 2021 Model Year.

  • Bash

    I like that red interior, but that dash is awful man!


    I feel like the MDX is following the footstep of the sienna

  • SteersUright

    These things look so dated and yet they are the reported bread and butter that keep the lights on at Acura. Sad, because Honda has shown multiple great moments of world-class engineering and you kind always expect more from them & especially their “premium” brand, Acura. Acura should be their chance to show-off a bit and outdo everyone.

    • nastinupe

      Nah… you’re living in the 80’s and 90’s dude. Honda’s been dead for a while. Hyundai is the new Honda and Genesis is the new Acura. All that’s left is for Genesis to come out with a $70,000 sports car that competes with the Porsche 911 and Corvette C8 and the transformation will be complete.

      • SteersUright

        Hyundai’s have come a long way but are not on par with Honda. Honda’s engines are still far better. Honda’s build quality, panel gaps, and precision still exceed Hyundai’s. Hyundai offers more performance per dollar and a much broader and more interesting lineup for sure. Also, Genesis is more interesting than Acura but do not have SUV’s on par with the MDX and RDX just yet so I dont see how they’re really competitive. Sure, Genesis has far better sedans but Acura has nothing in the RWD sport sedan segment either. I’m not defending Acura, they’ve dropped the ball big time but, Hyundai is not quite their equal just yet.

        • Nastinupe1911

          I agree with you from a knowledgeable standpoint, however, from the average stupid customer standpoint, Honda and Acura are seriously lacking and Hyundai and Genesis is winning. Aside from the MDX, CRV, Civic and Accord, Honda has lost its way.

  • ACTCech

    What a sad story of the Acura company brand.. They had the best V6 engines and the 2011 MDX model was starting to look sporty with wider wheels and a good stance look, and then they went back to the utilitarian look and feel..

    MDX had an opportunity to make a good competition effort back in 2011, if they would only have made a good sport looking package for their vehicles. It looks like Acura fired all their designers pushing for more modern and sporty vehicle versions.

    Acura Legend brand and quality came before Lexus, Infinity, etc.. and what did Acura did to try to grow into the high-luxury area? The answer is: Acura did nothing..!!! and lost all chances of growing and becoming a luxury brand like Lexus, Infinity, etc..

    Back in 2011, Acura had V6 engines that had 300 HP and similar torque. Acura had better engine and reliability.

    Acura is a sad story of incompetent corporate management that has been added to history as an example of losing the opportunity of incredible success by their own choice..

    Some people defend Acura and said their mission was to be environmental green so they will not try to build higher performance engines, etc..

    But like history has shown, Lexus, Infinity, etc. made huge profits, and with those profits they created brand new technologies that are more environmental friendly and more powerful options, at the same time of growing and becoming incredibly successful.

    I remember I sold my last Mercedes SUV because reliability was abominable in that time. I looked at the 2011 MDX, and it had 305 HP, and a great reliability history.. It had a 8.5″ wheel option as its maximum, which was a pitty, but I went for it.. I put 160,000 miles on it with no problem and the engine was great.. but when I looked for a new Acura MDX replacement, I found that they had regressed with a less sporty models (no visible exhaust, no sporty look, etc..).. At the end, I had to buy another brand because Acura utilitarian look became too unaesthetic for me.. I don’t mind other models to have a utilitarian look, but they could have done the Advanced MDX model have sporty worthy options, but of course, they didn’t..

    I had to go back to German vehicle sport brands, since they have improved their reliability and engine performance/quality significantly.. Most likely still Acura is more reliable, but their lack of real sport packages makes Acura not a real option..

    What a sad story of Acura.. what glorious it could have been.. and what it is now.. compared to its original and current piers..

  • Harry_Wild

    Just proves in it class, what the rest of their competition is doing that makes the MDX still the leader in it class still!

  • Alduin

    Boring,overpriced & with a problematic transmission. Fail Acura.

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