Can The Mercedes-AMG A35 Finally Push The VW Golf R Off Its Throne?

The new Mercedes-AMG A35 represents a very welcome expansion for the AMG brand but the new player from Stuttgart enters a segment with very strong rivals. And none of them is stronger than the VW Golf R.

Pistonheads is bringing the two hot hatches together in order to find out if the new Mercedes-AMG A35 is the one that will finally beat the VW Golf R.

For the past half of a decade the VW Golf R has been the undisputed king of the everyday hot hatches, the ones that won’t break your spine if you choose to daily them but still offer supercar-humbling performance on a twisty road with a dedicated driver behind the wheel.

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The fastest Golf available from the factory displays a very wide range of abilities, being effortless in daily commutes and pretty unstoppable on a b-road no matter the weather. The all-wheel drive makes sure that every last one of its 296hp will hit the tarmac, the steering is accurate and the chassis shows a talent that simply makes the driver smile every time.

The most powerful A-Class this side of an A45 comes with a very similar powertrain, offering more or less the same power figures with the Golf. Compared to its rival, the A35 comes with a more characterful engine but the differences are smaller than you might think.

However, the Mercedes does need the optional adaptive suspension in order to offer the same composure with the Golf R on a badly surfaced b-road. Still though, the two rivals are quite closely matched, according to Dan Prosser.

So, which one of the two takes the cake? Let’s watch the video and find out.


  • Bash

    I just love the golf, it’s the best all around.

    • Arthur

      That’s been the case for a long time and in many ways still is but this new A35 is really something special. Looks like MB has finally cracked the code of what makes a true all around hot hatch that can compete and beat the best in the world.

    • alexxx

      I am not a golf fan (except gti ) exterior design wise but I had a chance to drive gti5 long time ago and I had no previous experience with dsg (no manual) or such power…as soon as I started driving I felt connected with a car…it was brilliant brilliant car…sooo easy to drive,so smooth,so subtle…
      For comparison I drove Renault Clio 3 RS manual and it was nowhere near golf…
      Shame this r golf looks like every other golf…I like flashy cars😂

      • Bash

        Thanks man for sharing your nice story, I can actually relate, I drive the civic hatch and it’s absolutely no where near or even far from the gold Vr6 I had once, and that was not a spelling mistake, these golf or gold perfect.

        • ThatGuy

          Dudes i had a Polo Gti mk2 and till today besides the Golf 5,6 Gti cant find car that feels so good to drive. A mate owns a A45 AMG and yes its fast but you dont feel it at all, it feels like a hot hatch meant to go fast but a Gti has that soul, you know when you poke the accelerator and get that surge of boost and the chassis feel.

          No car can compare, sine then i have at a Seat Cupra, Renault Clio and a Lexus, driven by great fortune many other cars of family and friend alike……car people but oh my word the magic of a Gti and feeling cannot be topped. I drove and M3 wow magic but GTI……

          Oh and Vr6 yes vvrrrrrrrrrrrrr vvvrrrrrrrrrrr yep drove a close friend bottle green Jetta Vr6 and once again chassis and accelerator

        • alexxx

          I never jumped in a car and instantly felt at home…everything was perfectly balanced, everything…and accelerations…wow… My only words then were that EVERYONE should have that car… And don’t forget I am golf hater 😂😂😂😂

      • ThatGuy

        Alexxx the gold 6 Gti Dsg feels like gold. If you loved the 5 the 6 is epic. Plus i like the understated neat, sportY, look of a Gti.

        • alexxx

          I hope I’ll have a chance to drive 6gti…👍

          • ThatGuy

            Dude i know you will. Here is also the thing as it is a different Gti, its power lies in the on the move drive, mid speed darting this car loves. But let me not spoil that experience for you. You gonna love the chassis, you will see what i mean

          • alexxx

            I don’t know how they managed to better gti5 in gti6,like you said,that acceleration, chassis,that feel…man oh man…I can still hear the screaming of my friends driving with me…epic…

          • ThatGuy

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Epic man. I pictured the screams. And that silence when they got out lol

  • Aeromann

    For sure A35 will eat the Golf, it’s just a VW.

    • botornot387

      The A35 lost to Golf R and S3 in a drag race. It powertrain only meets the by now standards old Golf R. The new model is right around the corner.

      • botornot387

        Also, taking money into account, you aren’t getting a lot more for your money. The A35 is nice, but once you build one up, you’re basically in C43 territory.

  • Dude

    Was the Golf R ever on the throne lol?

    • Matt

      Yeah, as the best all-round, all-weather fast hatch it considered the benchmark.

  • Milky

    Still don’t want either of these out of warranty.

    My golf r has been a headache

    • Enter Ranting

      I leased a GTi that totally fell apart within the first six months of my contract. A total disaster. I’ll never touch a VW again.

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