If Toyota Were To Revive The MR2, It’d Rather Do It With Porsche

Could Toyota follow up the recent launch of the 2020 Supra with the resurrection of yet another iconic sports car from its stable?

For years, there have been reports that Toyota could revive the iconic MR2, but there has never been any type of confirmation from the company that it is indeed working on such a project.

However, Auto Industriya had the opportunity to ask Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada about the possibility of a modern-day MR2 and which automaker they would want to work with to make it happen.

“Porsche!”, In response, Tada-san exclaimed. Which, we think, would really make the perfect partner for a mid-engined compact sports car.

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The Japanese automaker famously partnered with Subaru to bring the 86 to life and then with BMW to make the fifth-gen Supra. As the market for sports cars has slowly declined in recent years, Toyota has shown that one way to still produce such vehicles is to collaborate with another car manufacturer to share research, development, and production costs. In theory, it could do just that with Porsche to create a new MR2.

Tada stopped short of saying anything more about a new MR2, but it did get us thinking. The previous model featured a mid-engined layout, and so do both the Porsche Boxster and Cayman. It would, therefore, make for an ideal match – but we don’t know what Weissach thinks about that, so for now, that’s all wishful thinking.

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Renderings via Esa Mustonen

  • Сафиуллинь-Мухамед Рамазанов

    Honestly I’m not shocked + that concept looks amazing if it went to production

  • Zandit75

    Looks too good to be a Toyota!! Beautiful render!!

    • Bash

      You nailed it with that first part man.

  • Six_Tymes

    WOW! These are amazing renders, I would definitely buy. These are so good, it’s sad knowing we’ll never see this as production.

  • Rocket

    Top notch render, but it’s pure pipe dream material. Still, I could admire that form for hours.

  • Ben

    The FT-1 looked good too….

  • Finkployd

    Looks nice but it’s completely unrealistic; 25 inch wheels, no trunk, no door handles, no side mirrors, no wipers, no air intake, 100% blacked out windows, hidden pillars like it’s a 9m$ bugatti, … you bet it looks nice

  • iddqd

    toyota should feel blessed to even get a collab with BMW on the Supra-
    let alone PORSCHE.
    only clueless millenials, who grew up watching this horrendous FnF- movies have the gall to complain about that.

  • TheBelltower

    It would be unlikely that Porsche would ever consider a partnership with Toyota. Why wouldn’t Porsche collaborate with their own mainstream brand… VW?

    • Octane

      Uh, Porsche did collaborate with Toyota, of sorts. It was Porsche that turned to Toyota to learn its lean production methods. And while, the 996/Boxster were the first products of this methodology, they soon learn to smooth out the wrinkles, and now look at Porsche.

      • TheBelltower

        Good to know. Though that’s not really what we are talking about.

  • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

    That look more like a renault


    • iddqd

      /caps off.

    • Dude

      They could but low volume cars like the Supra would be a lot more expensive to justify their risk and R&D cost. Chrysler only has two models because developing something from scratch that’s good enough to carve out a piece of the market is difficult and risky. The Pacifica was expensive as hell to develop. And with all that cars still fail.

    • Richard Alexander

      Unless your name is Elon you have to make money, so there is that.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Looks pretty cool.

  • d’Aforde

    A Toyorche MR2 would be awesome, but Toyota could have made a Celica, Supra, and MR2 (and maybe even a hot hatch Matrix) with one platform, just as it did with the one platform riding under everything from the Prius to the Avalon. It could make Lexus versions of those cars to spread out the development costs.Toyota still makes a decent V6 and it has V8s in its Lexus stable. It made the amazing LFA.

    • Alduin

      The Supra was on the same platform as as SC300.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Toyorche. I like that strangely.
      I think Toyota drank the waters of mediocre boring sedans and SUVs and got hooked on the eas money from it. Gone ar ethe days of interesting desirable vehicles, although the Camry TRD is interesting if not a head-scratcher.
      The market could easily do with the trio you mentioned: Supra to take on the ‘Murican suspects, Celica to dominate the affordable entry level sports car (Hyundai Genensis did ridiculously well for that) and the MR-2 (MR-3?) to be the Miata challenger with a future bent, based on the render. Roadster only though.

  • Richard Alexander

    I think the answer here is obvious: Toyota already has a relationship with Lotus; MR2 and Elise twins like the Supra / Z4……

    • JqC

      Great idea.

    • Danny Boy


  • Steve Cohn

    Now what would I rather have:
    A 3 yr old Cayman or a brand new Toyota Boxster/MR-2 for the same price?

  • SteersUright

    That concept is absolutely gorgeous. If the MR2. looked anything like that, they could charge $50-75k.

    • JqC

      True ting.

  • JqC

    Hey, can you send a link to that rendering? I never saw that.

  • Nastinupe1911

    Toyota sucks.

  • Krisnadi Imam

    and here i am still wishing s2000 sucessor… prolly honda would approached mb to reskin the amg gt as honda S4000 or something.

  • JqC

    No, serious. Never seen it.

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