Man Tries To Outsmart The DMV, Gets Hundreds Of Tickets Instead

A security researcher from California has learned that trying to beat the system doesn’t always work. Instead, it can backfire spectacularly.

According to Mashable, the researcher known as Droogie tried to outsmart the California Department of Motor Vehicles by getting a vanity plate that said “Null.” Since that’s the computer equivalent of no specific value, Droogie thought he could potentially avoid tickets as his plate would effectively become “invisible” in the DMV’s system.

Everything seemed to going fine as Droogie didn’t get any tickets the first year. However, things started to take a turn when he tried to renew his tags online and kept getting an “invalid information” message.

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Things quickly spiraled from there as Droogie eventually got a parking ticket. He then received countless others totaling more than $12,000 (£9,952 / €10,742). While he wasn’t responsible for those offenses, all of the tickets were addressed to him.

This is odd to say the least, but it appears a third party processing company that works with the DMV had their system setup to have incomplete license plates show up as “Null.” As a result, these were then linked to Droogie who was ticketed.

Droogie reached out to the DMV and they contacted the processing company to have the tickets wiped out. However, the company hasn’t changed their system so Droogie still keeps getting new tickets and they’re valued at more than $6,000 (£4,975 / €5,371) already.

Unfortunately, no one seems interested in helping him as the DMV and Los Angeles Police Department told Droogie to just change his plate. However, he doesn’t want to do that as he said “I didn’t do anything wrong.” That’s understandable and it’s hard to believe the DMV didn’t prevent someone from getting a “Null” vanity plate in the first place.

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  • Six_Tymes

    his brain is NULL

    • db

      Soon his wallet too.


      and himself

  • D3X

    Well, he still doesn’t need to pay them, so I say it worked!

    • The sky is blue. Duh. You’re right and no one need try to convince you otherwise. Clear as day. I agree. Fabulous gambit played.


  • Mr. EP9

    Not as clever as he thought he was. You’re not going to trick the system with that vanity plate. Give it up.

    • Dude

      He kinda did. He isn’t legally responsible for those tickets and the processing system will probably have to keep wiping them away like they did with the first $12k or change their system

      • Clearly, he was on the side of “YES!” more than “NO!”. Anyone that says otherwise must not like puzzles or logic. And I can tell you the company that must expunge/rescind those tickets, those employees/execs ALSO value getting out of government fines. I know from the source.

  • brn

    Researcher? Sure.

  • GobbleUp

    Lol tool, waste your time.

  • McFly

    He constructed a very clever gun to shoot himself in the foot with.

  • Willzyx

    When you are too smart for your own good.

  • KAG25

    how long does he keep that plate

  • That plate ticketing system might be [redacted]’s. I have no clue. But most people (walking around on the street) would have no concept of the NULL significance, I am willing to bet. Hilarious and brilliant.

  • Again, might be one of [redacted] systems. The system that processes fines is likely a third-party, private company. That company has no way of doing anything with how the plates are issued. matter of fact, so many tickets can be avoided and not paid…. or so I’ve heard.

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