To Serve And Collect: Massachusetts Troopers Had To Issue A Minimum Of Tickets

Newly released federal court documents have revealed that Massachusetts State Police had a quota system requiring troopers to issue a certain number of tickets.

CBS Boston reports that troopers were required to issue at least eight tickets during specialized overtime shifts. Prosecutors uncovered the scheme in the latest court filing in an ongoing overtime pay scandal within the Massachusetts State Police.

The Accident and Injury Reduction Effort (AIRE) was one of the overtime programs implemented by the police. It was aimed at reducing crashes on the Massachusetts Turnpike and targeted aggressive and speeding drivers.

Well color us surprised…

“Troopers were expected to issue a minimum of 8-10 citations for each AIRE shift. Any failure to issue the required number of citations had to be explained to supervisors and command staff. Repeated failures to meet this quota often resulted in a trooper being blocked from receiving such overtime opportunities,” prosecutors revealed in court documents.

It is claimed that dozens of troopers within the Massachusetts State Police abused the system in order to collect fraudulent overtime. Additionally, roughly one-third of troopers patrolling the Massachusetts Turnpike are alleged to have made tens of thousands of dollars for shifts they didn’t actually work.

Massachusetts State Police deny that they had a quota system in place for speeding fines and other traffic infringements.

This isn’t the first Massachusetts State Police have come under fire for issuing certain fines. For example, stories emerged in 2016 that the force was issuing fines of $200 for locals not clearing snow from their vehicles.

  • LJ

    Who watches the watchmen?

    • They watch themselves and have found they didn’t do anything wrong.

    • brn

      Elected officials watch them.

      • LJ

        Elected officials are who I’m referring to.

        • brn

          It’s our job to watch the elected officials.

          It’s a near impossible job.

  • Super Rob

    OT is expensive. So just require the police to bring in the money to pay their own OT. Pure genius.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Those pensions aren’t going to fund themselves. Parking meter maids are just as aggressive in their attempt to fine infractions.

  • Craig

    Quota’s such as these should be illegal.

    • crabbyolddad

      Crooked cops should be too.

  • Six_Tymes

    meh, nothing new.

  • brn

    Funny thing is that the quota was likely there to make sure they were actually working during special programs (AIRE). Repeated failures to not do their job could result in failure to be assigned to such programs. Kinda of a catch-22 going on.

    • Carl Sloan

      How is that a catch-22?

      If the reason for the quota was legit, then why did they deny it was in place?

      • crabbyolddad

        22 was the NUMBER of tickets they needed to issue per shift!!

      • brn

        It’s not a quota. It’s a number that if you fall below, you need to explain yourself. This is because you were being paid overtime specifically to execute this task. If your explanation is good (dash cam shows you were working and drivers were behaving), you don’t get penalized.

        The alternative is not to check to make sure the officer are doing their job. If that happened, there’d be a story about how we’re paying officers overtime and they’re not doing what they are being paid for.

        Catch 22.


    These cops are all about making money, not stop crimes or anything. What a corrupt system.

    • crabbyolddad

      All cops are like that, no matter where they roam the earth. Tickets, hands out, and occasional rape, all because they have the “authority”.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    In Victoria, Australia, this revenue raising has been turned into an art form over the past three decades. So if you are ever in Melbourne, WATCH OUT, cameras WILL get you if you take the liberty with the accelerator..

  • Bash

    I heard many stories about this in many areas, this is the worst thing.

  • CBV2020


  • crabbyolddad

    I come from the generation of calling cops PIGS. I remain proudly in that group. While there are times cops have a use, most of the time it is for purely Gestapo purposes. And watching all the cars crowded in the Dunkin Donuts parking lots just cements my perspective. Around Massachusetts there are numerous departments that wear their hats in a 100% Gestapo way, sides curled down and front standing straight up, just like Hitlers finest. Creepy.

  • datCubanguy

    Is not that bad,here in Philippines where I am at the moment,police gets criminals from the police stations,drive them out to a field,execute them and them arrange the scene like a shootout between cops and criminals,or setup check points to collect money with the excuse of “checking registrations and licenses”,we got it easy in the US,at least the legal system works better.

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