Production-Spec Toyota Tj Cruiser To Debut In Japan In October?

Remember the Tj Cruiser Concept that unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show? Well, may see more of it as a report from Japan claims Toyota is considering putting it into production in early 2020.

It’s not the first time we hear about the particular concept spawning a production version, but this time things seem more serious. Japan’s Best Car cites Toru Endo, a person with close ties to Toyota’s dealer network, who claimsg that the Tj Cruiser will be unveiled in October at the Tokyo Motor Show before going on sale in December.

Mixing SUV and minivan design cues, the Tj Cruiser is a compact crossover that combines the practicality of an MPV with the rugged appearance of a utility vehicle.

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toyota tj cruiser concept la livepics 9

Even though it’s similar in size to the C-HR, it has dramatically different proportions due to its boxy shape. In the production model, this helps create a roomy cabin with five- or seven-seat configurations, as opposed to the concept’s four-seat layout.

Based on the TNGA platform, the Tj Cruiser is expected to use familiar powertrains, including the 1.8-liter hybrid unit from the Prius and the new 2.0-liter Dynamic Force Engine from the RAV4. The 2.5-liter hybrid engine from the RAV4 cannot be ruled out either.

toyota tj cruiser concept la livepics 13

According to the report, Toyota will offer front- and all-wheel-drive configurations both for the gasoline engine and the hybrid. Unlike the concept, however, which has only one rear sliding door on the driver’s side, the production model is expected to feature two rear sliding doors to improve access.

It will also offer a versatile interior with flat folding seats and a loading length of about 3 meters when the front passenger seat is folded flat. There’s no word whatsoever if Toyota intends to offer it in other markets too, but it would sure make for an interesting proposition.

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  • ME

    I believe an earlier article said this would be made in the US, but a few articles said it will debut in Japan.
    Maybe a few factories will build it or Toyota changed their mind to made it only in Japan.

    • Joe

      I thought that the model to be made in the US is the one sharing the factory with Mazda (can’t remember the name but they usually use the photo of that angular orange concept), whereas the TJ-based model was always gonna go against the Delica D:5 & CX-8 in Japan.

      • bicepeak

        I think that is the the FT-4X. It is uncertain if that is the one that will be built alongside the Mazda, but it could be and the TJ Cruiser could be built in Japan.

  • Patrick

    I’d always hoped a vehicle like the old AWD Mitsubishi Delica would arrive in the US.

    • Zandit75

      Have you seen the current one??!!!

    • Joe

      It’s being introduced to compete with the Mitsubishi Delica D:5 in Japan according to press there, so I’m not sure that’d be a marketable proposition in the US, otherwise that class of vehicle would already be available in the US.
      I always thought the US would only get the model based on the orange concept they keep showing that’ll share the factory with Mazda..?

  • Now, give me something like this, but with an electric power train.

  • StrangerGP

    Concept car looks incredible and I usually find Toyota’s either boring of plain ugly.

  • Ben

    Basically Toyota’s version of the Honda Element?

    • illogicalPotato

      Pretty much yeah.

  • bicepeak

    I smiled when I read this….
    “Unlike the concept, however, which has only one rear sliding door on the driver’s side, the production model is expected to feature two rear sliding doors to improve access.”

    The sliding door is not on the driver’s side on the prototype. 🙂

    Saw this car at the LA Auto show and I want it!

  • Scherpereel Clement

    I love TOyotas but men that thing’s ugly ! It look like some kid made a lego car (I love Legos but not this ugly thing)

  • Ford Flex, Honda element and Chevy HHR had a three way.

    functionally it’s pretty sweet! but it’s kinda ugly XD and not really a charming ugly like the three i mentioned.

  • Bash

    Let’s hope the production version of it looks much better; a lot better coz this thing isn’t nice looking at all.


    It should be called the PITY CRUISER…!

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