Mazda MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition Is Pure, Unadulterated Fun

With the world’s most popular roadster, the MX-5, turning 30 recently, Mazda is celebrating its anniversary with a limited edition aptly called the 30th Anniversary.

Offered in 3,000 units worldwide, including 500 allocated to the U.S. market and 550 to the United Kingdom, it comes in an exclusive, and quite striking, Racing Orange shade and sports unique black alloys and orange brake calipers on all four corners.

You can catch a glimpse of the same orange color inside too, on the dashboard, door panels and gearshift lever. The Recaro sports seats with orange piping, wrapped in leather in Alcantara, offered good lumbar support and the anniversary plaque constantly reminds users of the sports car’s special status.

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Equipment is generous, with the MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition getting standard LED headlights, parking sensors, satellite navigation system and a Bose premium audio with speakers incorporated into the seats for the ultimate music experience with the top down.

Like most roadsters out there, the MX-5 isn’t that practical. The boot offers a mere 130 liters (45.6 cu-ft) of cargo space, so you’ll definitely have to travel light. It also lacks traditional door bins or a glovebox, but there are some small storage spaces inside.

Let’s face it, nobody is going to buy the small Japanese roadster for anything else than its brilliant handling and, perhaps, good looks. So, the thing that you’ll have to keep in mind is that it offers one of the purest driving experiences, with sharp steering and huge levels of grip around corners.

The 2.0-liter, naturally aspirated petrol four, with 184 PS (181 hp / 135 kW), which is offered in all markets except Japan that gets a 1.5-liter unit, provides sufficient power across the rev range. Get it with the six-speed manual gearbox and you’ll be having lots of unadulterated, rear-wheel drive fun.


  • sidewaysspin

    Pure unadulterated hairdresser fun.

    • crabbyolddad

      The hairdresser handle comes from some obscure comment probably made by a hairy palmed Corvette lover. I’m involved with a worldwide Miata group and while there may be hairdressers among the membership the vast majority are heterosexual males and females.

      However we all laugh at the reference on a daily basis.

      • db

        Well crabby, I’m one of those Corvette owners and I’ve also been a Miata owner. I must tell you that I loved my Miata and the only reason why I stepped up to the Corvette, I mean other than the power, was my wife was scared sheetless after seeing a rear wheel of a dump truck run over the hood of a Miata, the car was basically flattened. She was terrified of the Miatas since.

        You are definitely one of the smallest things on the road and that is counting cyclists. They can be intimidating, especially when we have so many pickup trucks on our roads these days.

        As far as I’m concerned, a Miata is about as much fun as you can possibly have with clothes on.
        Don’t hang all Corvette drivers out to dry, a true car guy is a car guy, regardless of the car.

        • Samuel Weir

          I dunno. If the standard for safety is “will withstand being over by a dump truck”, then I think that disqualifies most all cars on the road, including Corvettes.

          • db

            My friend, I loved driving the Miata. I have never felt as one with a vehicle as I have with that car HOWEVER being a married man for longer than I care to remember, life is all about comprise, that is if you want it to work for you.

            I am a victim to love of both my wife and two seater cars, something had to give, Corvette was a comprise.
            After owning a Vette and keeping my marriage healthy, life is good but I will never deny the Miata. There was something raw about that car that I will never forget, like a childhood girlfriend.

            I hope sincerely you enjoy yours with many countless miles and smiles.

        • Mitt Zombie

          I almost backed into a corvette the other day as it was too low to see out of the back window at first glance.

          • db

            With many vehicles having such a “high tail end” these days, I’m glad the rear beeping sensors were invented.

        • Compare a Miata with a 60s TR3, MGB, Lotus Elan, Healy (even a Big one), or Porsche speedster and you’ll find it is HUGE! But one advantage is that with modern engines, they do almost 40 MPG.

          • db

            Because we see so many TR3s, MGBs, Healys and Elans on the road these days…

          • Ben


  • Bash

    I seriously can’t think of any more fun car at this point of time.

  • Six_Tymes

    except for the annoying Nav screen sticking up on the dash, while driving its distracting, NOT Very pure. ill take an original gen 1 or an S2000

    • Bill Nguyen

      Just rip the screen right off man, problem fixed 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • JackW

    I ordered one of the 30th Anniversary Editions on the day it was revealed – took delivery of it in July. It is one of the most fun cars I’ve owned and that number is approaching 100 cars. It reminds me of all of the European sports cars from my past, from MG’s and Alfas to Fiats and Porsches – light, nimble , fun to drive but with more horsepower than any of my old Eurotrash cars ever had (including my 1971 Porsche 911) in a 2300 lb package. Plus it has features like great lights. air conditioning, heated seats and really good brakes – unlike all the sports cars my friends and I owned in the 1970’s. If I had to say which of the cars of my youth it reminds me most of I’d say my old Alfa Romeos – without the electrical nightmares. Its plenty fast enough for an old guy and more than held its own on a spirited run through the North Georgia mountains a few weeks ago with a Nissan 350Z, Porsche Cayman, Mustang GT and a new GT 350. The nav screen helps a lot with google maps up thanks to Android Car Play when you are wandering around looking for twisty roads.

    • Bill Nguyen

      Hey, I know it’s not about comfort, but how does your Miata ride? I mean, is it okay for every day use?

      • crabbyolddad

        I own my second Miata. Not a 30AE but a 2002. My previous one was a ’94 M Edition. Miata’s in general are quite enjoyable and are used a daily drivers by many many people. They are not a GMC Suburban when it comes to room, but the fun factor far outweighs their limited hauling capacity. The 30AE is a beauty and I didn’t realize they were limiting the numbers to the US at 500. I saw images of a gathering with two of them and i know one gent who added a 30AE to his current fleet making a total of 3 running Miatae. I’m not so keen on the newer cars and all their electronic gadgetry but as a car and a driver I don’t think you’ll ever get as much fun for your money spent.

        • Bill Nguyen

          Thanks man. I’d like to get one, but I live somewhere where it’s not very practical. Hope I get a chance to test one someday, maybe as a rental down in California 😎😎😎😎

      • JackW

        The ride is great – some folks say its sprung a little soft so it will induce roll and feel “sportier” but there are tons of suspension pieces to adjust the ride to your taste. Mine has Bilsteins but I think I’d prefer Koni’s witth the ride height about 3/4″ lower. I was planning on buying a Boxster originally but we rented a Miata last August for car week in Monterey and after bombing around the peninsula for six days and over 600 miles in the Miata I was convinced that for half the money of a Boxster it was just as much fun. The main thing is that it feels like its going fast at 60-70 instead of getting to 90 before you feel the speed like a Porsche – that can be a good thing. Its fun just to putz along at 40-50 mph. The south end of Carmel Valley Road is magic in a Miata. The one we rented was a 2016 with only 155 HP – the 181 HP in the 2019 is noticeable. Just go drive one and see for yourself.

        Once I saw they were going to make one in Racing Orange I had to have one – I love orange cars.

        • Bill Nguyen

          Thanks man, I really appreciate the info! Been a dream of mine to own a Miata or RX-7 since I was a kid. Closest I’ve been is a Protege (don’t laugh!), but it was a fun little car too, honestly. I really loved that car!

        • Spot on review! I landed a black late 2018 with only 900 miles on it from a guy who’d found his Cayman.

  • Bo Hanan

    Female commentators are usually an indication that the car is not a SERIOUS performance car.

    • Callanish

      Where has it ever been written in the history of the Miata that it was ever considered a Serious Performance car. It’s not, unless modded like one. What they’ve always represented is a enjoyable drivers car that doesn’t take itself too serious. If you’d have ever driven one of these, you would get it, but you haven’t, so you don’t have a clue.

    • Mitt Zombie

      Car looks less girly and cutesy than it used to.

  • db

    An orange Japanese, two seating sportscar, an Irish girl that looks like she likes to have some fun on a beautiful summer’s day, times like this, life can be grand.


    a modern classic

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Beautiful. Except that orange thing. It’s really bad

  • Giziclown

    Ohhh, yeah!!!

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