Production Byton M-Byte EV Retains Ginormous 48-Inch Digital Dash, Starts At €45,000

If you’re eager to buy the world’s first production car with a 48-inch digital dash, well, you’ll have to wait a little longer – but you can see it in its final form.

China’s Byton has finally unveiled its M-Byte electric crossover in production guise at the Frankfurt Motor Show, though it will take a while until it starts rolling off the assembly line.

The EV startup plans to deliver the first cars to Chinese customers in the middle of 2020, followed by Europe and North America in 2021. The company also says it will start taking pre-orders in these two markets in 2020.

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Byton is confident it can start production of M-Byte for the Chinese market in the middle of 2020 although it hasn’t finished yet tooling its plant in Nanjing. It’d better stick to its promises, too, since it has currently over 50,000 reservations from all over the world.

The main selling point of the premium SUV is the 48-inch curved display — the world’s largest in a production car. It seems to have been carried over unchanged from the concept and is controlled by two other displays: a 7-inch touch screen located in the middle of the steering wheel and an 8-inch one between the front seats. Besides these two screens, multiple interaction modes with the vehicle will be offered, including touch gesture, voice and air gesture control, driver’s face recognition, as well as physical buttons.

On the outside, the production model tones down the design of the M-Byte Concept, but not by much. The rearview cameras are dropped for more conventional side mirrors, the headlights received two “moustaches” acting as LED DRLs, the bumpers have been revised and the door handles are now visible, although they do feature a sleek pop-out solution.

Byton promises a very competitive drag coefficient thanks to the low roofline and aerodynamically-optimized body featuring a fully enclosed front fascia, flush door handles, and floating C-pillar design which channels air flow around the greenhouse.

The entry-level M-Byte with rear-wheel drive is powered by a single rear-mounted electric motor making 200 kW (272 PS / 268 hp). A 72-kWh battery enables a driving range of 360 km (224 miles) as per WLTP. There’s also a 4WD version with two electric motors rated at 300 kW (408 PS / 402 hp) that features a 95-kWh battery providing an estimated driving range of 435 kilometers (270 miles).

Depending on the region, Byton will offer fast DC charging of up to 150 kW and AC charging between 3.7 and 22 kW. Using a 150 kW charger, the battery can be brought up to 80 percent capacity in approximately 35 minutes. Prices for the M-Byte will start at €45,000 (approximately $49,700) in Europe, excluding VAT and local government subsidies.


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Image credits: Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink for Carscoops | Byton | NP

  • charlotteharry57

    Styling isn’t memorable and that dash is utterly ridiculous. WHO wants that? 20-somethings, maybe, that can’t afford it. I’m sensing more and more that designers’ staffs need to include a LOT more 50-somethings because the current young ones are totally missing the boat with younger Boomers and older GenXers – the ones with the money!

    • This mainly for the chinese market, and the chinese want that… The bigger the display, the better…

    • Rimas Kurtinaitis

      Good point, if China wasn’t the world’s biggest car market.
      But it is. And wealthy people buy cars at a very young age there.

  • Where you, Faraday Future? LOL

  • xrnzaaas

    Many digital dashes are already distracting and it’s only going to get worse.

  • Bananarama

    I don’t have a problem with giant screens.
    I have a problem with giant screens blocking the f***ing windshield! The new Honda E does that same. The screen literally protrudes up past the hood/glass line several inches, limiting your outwards visibility.

    This hasn’t been a big issue because screens have stayed compact above the center console. This is the full width and there is a cavity behind the display itself.

    Terrible design. Flashy for the sake of flashy.

    • WalthamDan

      agree. it looks like it restricts the sightline of and past the hood just like in most large pickups these days.

    • CarCzarDesigner

      LoL! This is going to be a great vehicle for people who do everything but focus on their driving.

  • SpeakingTruthNotPC

    WTF I can see many accidents happening when drivers are too busy watching the rubbish on these screens. There is no reasonable reason to have a screen this big and having it as your main selling point means the rest of the car is rubbish

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Right?! How in the world is that screen even legal??

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Chinese need to change their priorities.

  • wonderdallas

    That steering wheel looks like a Subaru XT survived and has been evolving all this time!

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Best. Comment. Yet.

    • Alduin

      Looks like a demolition man cop car steering wheel.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      I always thought Subaru hid a Walther P38 in that steering wheel.

  • Willzyx

    Not sure about you, but it looks magnificent.

  • Toss

    Let’s see when it will be driven in the dark, how will be with that big white in front?

    • Willzyx

      Dark mode and reduce brightness. Pretty much the same as any modern car with a screen.

  • Alduin

    That looks awful. That interior has to be one of the worst designs i’ve ever seen next to the Tesla model 3.


  • sidewaysspin

    Except the tesla screen is accessible while that one isn’t, it’s too far.

  • Nexus7

    While ti is good that they took the ipad-on-dash to its logical conclusion, it’s too bad they didn’t make to leap to integrating it cleanly with the dash. It’s still a giant ipad on a dash.

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