Cops Are Looking For This VW Golf R That Was Used To Steal A $6 Million Golden Toilet

Police in the UK are on the hunt for a blue VW Golf R used in the theft of a gold toilet thought to be worth approximately $6 million.

The toilet, created by Maurizio Cattelan and dubbed ‘America’, had been on display at an art exhibition in Blenheim Palace and was under tight security. On September 14, however, a group of five thieves stole the toilet, Sky News reports.

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Details of the heist are limited but it is believed that three of the offenders broke into the palace and wrenched the toilet from its fittings as two getaway drivers waited outside in stolen vehicles, including the Golf R. The offenders left the scene at 4:50 a.m. with the 227 lbs (103 kg) toilet in the rear of the hot hatch. Authorities have released CCTV images of the Golf R that show the car fitted with what police believe are fake license plates.

One of the vehicles used in the burglary has been recovered by police and two men have been arrested in connection with the theft. The remaining three individuals, the Golf R, and the toilet remain at large.

The toilet is fully-functional and was plumbed in when stolen. In 2016, it was displayed at the Guggenheim museum in New York where visitors could use it. President Donald Trump was offered to have the valuable toilet loaned to him from the Guggenheim museum during his ongoing presidency but he didn’t take up the offer.

Blenheim Palace burglary – new CCTV images released

🚨| Blenheim Palace burglary – new CCTV images releasedWe are continuing to appeal for information following a burglary which occurred in Blenheim Palace, Woodstock.A high-value golden toilet was stolen. More info ➡️–appeal-for-information/

Gepostet von Thames Valley Police am Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2019

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Image credits Thames Valley Police

  • WalthamDan

    $6M toilet? No sh8t!

  • cooper

    POS trump also has a gold toilet. But, I’m sure it’s fake gold.

    • europeon

      I love how random nobodies on the Internet are talking $hit about the man who got to be the most powerful man on the planet just by his own hard work and gumption.

      • TheBelltower

        Did you just wake up after falling into a coma in 1988 with a copy of Art of the Deal in your hand?

        • europeon

          Is that your best shot?

          • TheBelltower

            In a pinch.

      • William rowe

        lol and who is that, please don’t say who I think your thinking, oh lord just let me get some tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter if you say who I think you mean

        • europeon

          tears of laughter</blockquote?

          You misspelled tears of frustration.

      • Rimas Kurtinaitis

        And collusion with domestic and foreign capital, but you conveniently leave that bit out.

        Oh, and he didn’t even get the popular vote.

    • William rowe

      lol I remember the pic in his apt of the gold toilet. all I could think was that is how trash with stolen money wants to live.

    • db

      Shut up and vote next time.

  • Ben

    Perfect car for the heist! Properly quick, enough space to carry the loot and can stealthily pass through the city.

    • db

      If you got something in mind, I’m in….

  • Onur Koray

    Try not blocking the license plate in the pictures. That will help you find it a lot sooner.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      If you read the article you would see that they said the license plates are fake.

      • Onur Koray

        I read it an I say: So?

        There are people dumb enough to leave them on or dispose of them close to where they live.

  • kachuks

    It’s been melted down into bars by now.

    • Mr. EP9

      Aren’t gold bars stamped with a serial number so they can be tracked? I’d imagine if a toilet’s amount worth of gold suddenly popped up someone is going to start asking questions.

      • Mike Sinyaboot ©

        Yup. It makes total sense that criminals would serialize their melted down loot. That would be a totally normal thing to do with stolen gold.

      • Nexus Hexus

        God damn you’re dumb.

  • europeon

    What’s the relevance? There are literally hundreds of thousands people with trust funds or that received inheritances or “loans” equal or larger than that, yet only one of them managed to end up the President of the US.

    • Holmer_k

      Only one of them got help from Russia.

      • europeon

        Hello, we – the people of planet Earth – are happy to meet you!
        What galaxy are you from?

        • Holmer_k

          LOL…if you were really from Earth, you would know what I said was FACT.

          • europeon

            No I don’t.

          • Rimas Kurtinaitis

            You should, if you had any remote understanding of how politics work.

          • Mike Sinyaboot ©

            Where is the evidence of that? You Chinese loving conspiracy theorists need to come back to reality. It must be hard being mentally handicapped and yet you still manage to comment online, so good for you.

          • Matt

            You know, personal insults like calling someone ‘mentally handicapped’ doesn’t bolster your argument.

          • Holmer_k

            You mean besides the Senate Intel committee’s findings, Mueller’s reports findings, and the fact that Obama announced it after the election because McConnell refused to allow it to be passed to the public before the election? It seems YOU have been on the wrong planet. There is no question that Russia worked to get trump elected. There is no question that Russia compromised all 50 states election systems. The ONLY things that have not been proven is that trump conspired (though his campaign definately colluded), and that votes were changed. Those two things though do not imply that the election was not affected or that trump was elected legitimately.

      • Mike Sinyaboot ©


    • ace_9

      I hope you have at least some doubts about your statements. Because logic and also history shows us that the people with power are very often far from a person simply characterized by “hard work and gumption”. There is a lot of other factors and even if someone can be described by your words, it does not actually mean that such a description is complete enough or even good enough (sadly mostly in a negative way). And most importantly, I would say a person is best characterized by his opinions, character, behavior and actions, not by who he is, because that’s very often a result of many many other factors.

      • europeon

        No, I actually don’t have any doubts.
        He wanted to be the President of the US and the most powerful man on this planet, and he got there. The fact that out there might be more suited or qualified people for that function is irrelevant as long as they weren’t smart enough (replace smart with whatever word you want, from rich to shrewd, to persevering, and so on) to beat him. His opinions and the things he says are also irrelevant – not only because half (or even more) of the population agrees with them just as the other half disagrees, but because this is not the issue here.

        • ace_9


    • Mike Sinyaboot ©

      Dont worry, you are fighting reetards. I am 100% positive that if you loaned any of these regressives a few hundred thousand dollars, they would not turn it into $200 million plus. Its jealousy and sour grapes because as we all know….”orange man bad”.

  • DingYeh Yang

    Did they watch the Donut Media video or sth?

  • Aeromann

    World is sick.

  • pcurve

    totally car related news.

    • William rowe

      well seeing the cops are looking for the car in the pic, yea it is

    • ChrisInIL

      Look at 10 strictly “car-related” posts and count the comments.

      Then look at 10 that you deem not “totally car related news” and count the comments.

      That should give you a clue.

      • pcurve

        lol I know.

  • autosharero

    And hiding the number plate will definitely help.

  • carlbolt

    So he didn’t take the offer but instead stole it?


    • Ben



        • Ben

          No, I got that, I was talking about the unusual nickname.

  • ErnieB

    I would check all the bathrooms in the Whitehouse again just to make sure..

  • Ben

    I’m not saying its not a nickname for some, but its a bit odd for a stranger to call a 73 year old man that. Then again, it felt weird to hear some members of the press attempt to call Obama “Barry”.


      • Bonzomatic

        Do you have a gofundme set up for a new keyboard that doesn’t have a broken CAPS LOCK button?

        • Enter Ranting

          You must be new here.


  • rodriguez256

    I remember at work, Boeing was doing some work on a Saudi plane and it had a gold toilet.

  • Vangelis Goulis

    Fast and practical

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