Dodge Shoots Down Alleged Easter Egg Indicating Next Challenger Will Arrive In 2023

Dodge has denied that a recent ‘Easter Egg’ found in press photos for the 2020 Challenger means that the next-generation model will launch in 2023.

A few days ago, some speculated that the 2,023-mile (3,256 km) readout pictured on the odometer of the 2020 Challenger indicated that would be when the next model launched. Intrigued by this, Car and Driver reached out to the car manufacturer, who responded by saying that this was never meant to be an Easter Egg -period.

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In the past, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has teased upcoming models, including the Demon, using some kind of Easter Eggs, so the assumption wasn’t entirely illogical. Nonetheless, even if the 2,023 mileage reading of the 2020 Challenger means nothing, it has been previously reported that the next-gen model could launch around that time.

Before the next Challenger does arrive, insiders suggest that Dodge could be prepping a hardcore model to rival the likes of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE. This limited-run example could borrow the ‘ACR’ moniker from the Viper and be adorned with a plethora of performance parts.

Dodge is in no real rush to launch an all-new Challenger – and for good reason. In the third quarter, it outsold the much newer Mustang and Camaro, shifting a total of 18,031 examples in the United States, and the release of additional variants could boost sales even further.

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  • Alduin

    2023? Wow so this car will be 15 years old before Dodge makes an all new model? This car was dated 10 years ago.

    • Emoto

      Amazing what staying power this car has. Hard to argue with the sales numbers, though. I think they got the styling and pricing right. Apparently performance is not really the sales driver that we enthusiasts imagine.

      • lagunas3ca

        And they don’t even make the Challenger with a 4-cylinder…

        • Emoto

          They might as well. Some people won’t care. I wonder what % of their sales are the “special edition” du jour models, as opposed the the standard offerings.

          • Alduin

            Could you imagine how hard that would be? I mean they could put Jeeps 2.0L in it but that engine would struggle to power this 5000 pound heavy behemoth.

          • Ben

            4,200lbs!? The base model Challenger V6 is ~3,850lbs. Not a light vehicle, but it doesn’t need to be. People with the performance variants barely race them as is. I’d imagine the 4cyl would weigh even less. All that said, I think the V6 is an acceptable base engine.

          • Alduin

            The V6 is under powered for this car.

          • Ben

            I disagree, I’ve driven a V6 Charger(2016) while looking for my current vehicle while out of town. Plenty of pep and enough to break the rear wheels under heavy acceleration. I was easily able to get up to 85mph+ and cruise at that speed with little effort. The V6 is more than adequate and not under powered like many of these vehicles rolling around nowadays. Its not going to win you street credit, but paired with the 8-speed transmission, there was never a feeling of lackluster power delivery.

  • Tom

    The front looks great but the rest looks a little too 70’s for me. I’m looking forward to seeing the next generation. Hopefully, they’ll keep the same muscle car philosophy with some updated styling. Would love to see an AWD with a V8.

  • eb110americana

    Dodge and Jeep, unlike Alfa Romeo and Maserati, are actually bringing in profits to FCA–yet all the investment in new models seems to be going to the latter two brands. At least Jeep has been getting new models, considering they are the most valuable brand in the FCA portfolio.

    Dodge needs to create a new RWD mid-to-large platform based off the sportier and lighter Alfa bones (Dodge powertrains though), but design it to be future-proofed for another 10+ year run. Things like electrical architecture upgrades, new powertrains, and suspension changes should be possible without completely starting from scratch. If they spread the costs over that 10+ years, with plans to revamp interior and exterior at regular intervals, the car can remain affordable, while still being competitive.

    The current platform was never meant to do that, so I am sure it is carrying a fair amount of extra baggage. Hopefully they realize this before it hurts brand image. Something like the uncompetitive Hummer H2 and H3 come to mind. They became pariahs overnight.

    • Ben

      The H2 was a specialty vehicle, much like the Raptor, Wrangler and G-Wagen are. The important difference was they were in a lineup that could carry them when their popularity spiked and dipped. However, HUMMER was a brand built on specialty vehicles alone. That’s not the case with Dodge. The only time that works is with supercars/sportcars such as Lamborghini and Porsche. Even then, we see how SUVs are needed to pay the bills to continue making 911 and “hairy chested” V12 Lamborghinis. You can buy a Challenger or charger at every level rather than the H2 which was go big or go home.

      Seeing as how many recalls have sprouted up these past two months and the quality control issues the new RWD Explorer is having,I’m fine with keep what ain’t broke alone. Sales numbers are still strong and Dodge has done one helluva job keeping the brand and cars feeling fresh. Eventually they’ll need to revise the platform. I agree they can revamp without starting from scratch, look at the new RAM 1500. They refreshed the interior big time and added an electric motor to the 5.7L Hemi.

  • Bash

    Well it’s not Easter anyway.

    • Ben

      You could hide eggs in the headlight intake.

  • Ben

    I’ll be honest and name myself a hypocrite too, but all too often we talk about “things are built to last anymore” yet we cry when something isn’t brand spanking new every five years. You have to give FCA credit for how long and effectively they’ve stretched out this platform. We’ve all heard the half-truth story “its just an old E-class”. But look at what they’ve been able to do with it. Simply amazing. When we look back, I think history will be friendlier to the Charger/Challenger than Camaro and Mustang of the same generation. Obviously the GT350R and ZL1 1LE will always be special, but overall, the Challenger/Charger lineup will be more cherished by enthusiast.

  • charlotteharry57

    Not a chance FCA will redo the Challenger. The 300 is on its last breath and the only reason the Charger lives on is because of police orders. They’ll continue with 10 new variations of each every year until the last gasps arrive.

  • Dennis James

    Well, it still looks much better than any competitor. Power is also there. Win !

  • ErnieB

    This should be the equivalent to the 911 design philosophy of gradual evolution not radical revolution. Mildly refresh the cars exterior, but definitely upgrade the interior. This car is timeless and doesn’t need drastic changes.

    • Craig

      I absolutely agree. And hire those who created the RAM Longhorn to update the interior! Now that would be something.

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