Last Saab 9-3 Ever Built To Be Sold By NEVS

The very last Saab 9-3 Aero Turbo4 built is up for sale courtesy of National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the company that famously bought Saab.

A listing on Bilwed Auctions indicates that this Saab was set aside for crash testing but that no such testing was ever done. It is one of just 420 examples built and only has 41 miles (66 km) under its belt, most apparent accrued as it was being driven around the company’s hold production plant in Trollhattan, Sweden for official photos and videos.

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If this was the last ever vehicle produced by a company like Mercedes-Benz, for example, it would inevitably sell for a jaw-dropping sum. Not the case here. In fact, the listing says the car has been valued at between 350,000 Swedish Krona (US$35,294) and 450,000 Krona (US$45,378).

“The last soap. Taste those words. How does it feel? For many, it is sad words, but they are also a little tickling. A 9-3 Aero Turbo 4 made in 2014 in Trollhättan with the 2-liter machine on 220 horses”, the listing humorously reads. “It has rolled its first mile on the old test track for some photography occasions. A new Saab, with everything it entails. This is your chance. Take it. It won’t come back.”

Sitting beneath the identifiable Saab skin is an Ecotec 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivering 217 hp and 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) of torque.

Autocar reports that all funds raised from the sale will be donated to the Sustainable Mobility Scholarship run by NEVS at Sweden’s University West.

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  • Aeromann


  • Wandering_Spirit

    More like 30k and an extended warranty after so much time sitting in storage.

    • Aeromann

      The 2.0 Biopower is reliable.

  • ThatGuy

    I think one of the established Manu’s need to buy SAAB, but in the current climate it seems it wont happen and SAAB will soon join the other once upon time in the past…… car manu’s

    Besides the chinese owing it in electrification form…

    • McFly

      What do you mean? The things you are describing already happened, years ago. Established manufactures bought Saab Automobile. Saab Automobile joined the club of dead car manufacturers.

      And the real Saab (they make airplane tech, anti-tank weapons, radars and such stuff) has made sure no one will ever put their brand on cars again.

      The only car related company that can still use the Saab brand is also the only part of Saab Automobile that ever made money. It’s their old spare parts producer, now called Orio. It’s owned by the Swedish government as a result of the mess left by the previous owner.

      • ThatGuy

        I mean like VW or PSA or Renault and the likes, not Spyker or GM. A manu that will have a chance at growing them.

        Scania and SAAB own the Logo and Names of Saab Automobile AB, which can still be transferable to any new manufacturer, if they choose, as in the case of NEVS, who own their car technology and body architecture. Since they using it its the only glimmer of SAAB left.

        Purchasing the entire lot, which can be messy but with agreements, can give it a new life. Since NEVS makes electric, albeit look alike SAAB, based on that, is alive, the same as Dacia and the italy debacle.

        Thus saving this tiny bit and bring them back.

        • SAAB would have been a good brand For PSA, turbo charged engines FWD, Worldwide network, more premium than all their brands, Not in big numbers sure, but Saab could sell big Sedans wich Peugeot and Citroën can’t do. Renault already has Nissan, Samsung (now Renault Korea) ans Infinity in the Alliance. But PSA was in bad shape when Saab went away.

          • ThatGuy

            Air-Ess i totally agree with, i really like Renault and Peugeot, they make good vehicle. PSA i would also see getting the rights and adding to their portfolio. Plus the underlying tone with SAAB was a Luxury Brand before mega decline. They can be the PSA Sedan and premium brand in the stead of Audi/BMW etc.
            I could totally see a business case for PSA here, think about they have Opel too, so they could essentially do collaboration across the entire business.

            Off the topic, i wonder what the New 308 and Opel Astra will look like and feature. Im patiently keen to see the new era. I hope it stays competitive and grows

          • You might see a new Astra based on the current 308. Not sure the 308 will have a 100% new design that soon. I can be wrong. Hope that Astra and 308 won’t end up like new Corsa and 208. They really look too similar (like a Seat can’t hide it’s a VW cousin)… And the new Corsa could be a Peugeot, its design would work for a 208 if Peugeot didn’t come up with their new modern retro language the Corsa could be a replacement for the exiting 208. Now with so many PSA parts doesn’t help.

          • ThatGuy

            I know with the merger they said Opel will develop the engines going forward, based on that i assume the 308 and Astra will share a new or rather newly tweaked platform.
            yeah the 208 and Corsa have the same overall shape, and thats is why, like you deep down inside we know they will be similar, although we hope not.

            The Corsa is a 208, you can see in the interior they share buttons and knobs and cues. So they will share engines. But i like the cars and the group. I hope they do well

          • LOL the Corsa looks good, of course it shares a lot, but the design is almost like if PSA bosses didn’t know what design choose so they gave a Peugeot proposal to Opel… “Good design let’s give it to Opel”

          • ThatGuy

            LOL i get what you mean, like we own you now we not sure of the direction, uuurrrhh just take this and run with it.

        • Aeromann

          Renault wanted to buy it but GM didn’t want to leave the patents.
          So in the end GM killed SAAB and sold the small parts to Chinese.
          Story finished. And I will NEVER buy something from GM.

          • ThatGuy

            I just wont get a GM vehicle because of their quality and reliability. Not all their cars are bad , some are very reliable and have decent quality, but those are few and far between.
            Besides their vehicle proposition is very weak and there is no nice GM vehicle in my opinion.
            They need to die off like Pontiac they killed off.

          • Aeromann

            Yes, I agree.

            They Killed Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Hummer and Saab.

  • still looks good.

    • Aeromann

      Exactly. Saab was always in advance.

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