Mercedes C-Class Coupe Destroys Jaguar E-Pace In Miami Crash

A brutal high-speed collision took place late last week in North Miami Beach when the driver of a white Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe slammed into the side of a Jaguar E-Pace.

According to WSVN 7 News, six vehicles were wrecked in total, leaving nine people injured, including the driver of the Jaguar, 46-year old Daniel Jerusalmi, who at the time of the report was in critical condition.

“Oh, my God, very bad, very bad. These three kids, they were flying in this Mercedes-Benz, and they bumped into the car,” said Raquel Rodriguez, a witness. “The car started – he flew in the air, like three turns in the air. That’s how everything started.”

Based on reports, several people were seen running around frantically after the accident, screaming for help.

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“That car was definitely going over like 90 miles per hour – the white Mercedes. That’s why it’s so far,” said Victor Sepulveda, another witness. “This car flipped a few times. That’s why it got destroyed.”

Could this have been prevented? we’re not so sure; if the driver of the Jaguar crossover had noticed the Merc earlier, then maybe, but he’s obviously not the one to blame.

In the end, though, in these types of accidents speeding was the cause. Yes, paying attention is crucial, but if the Merc wasn’t going way over the limit, then the outcome wouldn’t have been so bad.


  • Dredd2

    “speeding was the cause”

    i hope u dont have a license. The blind jag caused this crash cos didnt wait for the traffic (in this case the benz) from the main/protected straight lane…just like hes shoothing theirself into the straight lane.

    If someone drive carefully that benz is an easy object to see there, even if its speedin (maybe over 120mph+ would be harder).
    The outcome injuries! would be less, if the benz just going around 60mph. I dont want to say that speeding is ok, but defensive driving also really important to avoid these type of crashes.

    • javier

      please , that car was going double the limit

    • FFEMT6

      At that rate of speed, an object that initially looks far away closes distance very quickly. By the time the Jag realized the real rate of speed the Mercedes was traveling, he froze, and it was too late. He should have floored the throttle, but the Mercedes also should not have been moving at double the speed limit on a rd as congested as US1.

      • krusshall

        I don’t know if he froze. He already started his turn and then realized the Mercedes was coming on too fast and so he stopped, perhaps thinking that the Mercedes would steer around. But yes it looks like he should have floored it.

        • Andrewthecarguy

          He did freeze – you can see that he applied the brakes once he saw the Merc. The Merc was trying to go behind him and could have made it if the Jag did not stop.

    • Krisnadi Imam

      regardless of who is at fault, this is really unfortunate. if the e pace didnt stop there none of this would happen, but if the merc didn’t drive so fast, what happened could be much less severe.

    • Six_Tymes

      everyone here thinks its ok to dart (pull out) in front of on coming traffic… at least you are one who gets it. the others are why we have accidents.

  • Willzyx

    It doesn’t matter what the Jaguar driver did, Merc driver was going WAY TOO FAST. Ask any cop, they will all tell you that if a person was drunk or speeding, it doesn’t matter what the other party did. The person drunk/speeding will be at fault.

  • ksegg

    This almost happened to me once. Same situation; I was turning left into a shopping plaza with double lane traffic and kid in far right lane was going double the speed limit. Inner lane traffic stopped to let me pass.

    I braked just in time to avoid but he flew onto the sidewalk and shattered the entire front axle of his car. Speed limit was 30 and he looked like he was doing 60.

    This is clearly the Merc’s fault.

    • Dredd2

      thats not the same situation. So do you think that the jag driver did everything perfectly? That sounds ridiculous. Both are failed.

      • ksegg

        If the Merc wasn’t flying a million miles an hour, would the Jag get pulverized? No. The Jag driver was like a deer caught in headlights and froze; I doubt freezing was intentional.

        If you’re going to speed, do it on a racetrack or on a nice driving road in the middle of nowhere.

        Not in heavy congested areas.

        • Dredd2

          youre try to blame the speedin benz, not the blind and frozen jag driver, as i mentioned both are failed. But i guess its not to hard to look around before i try to cross some straight lanes in heavy traffic, not? If everyone drives like the jag driver, then every cross on earth would be like a destruction derby. In the other hand, also not to hard to not speeding in heavy traffic, thats also true…..

  • Crash Bandicoot

    C Class ehh? Probably a realtor.

    • FFEMT6

      Witnesses said it was 3 kids. Maybe realtor’s kids.

      • Crash Bandicoot

        Potentially. C Classes are sold to 3 groups, realtors, house staff for insanely rich people who drive E Classes, high school car for insanely rich people’s children.

        • TRB0T0Y

          E Class estates of course. I heard somewhere it isn’t S-Class or G-wagen owners who are wealthiest. E Class wagon buyers are Benz’s richest customers.

  • ScottM

    That Jaguar driver is an idiot, stopped square in the MB’s lane. If he had committed to the turn and got on with it once he started the maneuver, crash might have been avoided. I suspect the MB driver was expecting the same, and shocked when the Jag just parked in front of him. But the severity of the crash is solely on the MB, and they’ll almost certainly be stuck with all the bills. Wonder if the Jag driver was looking to sucker punch the MB’s insurance; glad he’s going to have to earn all that free money.

    • FFEMT6

      You act like your defending the kids driving the Mercedes 90 mph on that rd. US1 is typically one of the most congested rds. Sure, the Jag driver froze and was like a deer in headlights upon realizing the Mercedes was closing much faster than he initially thought. If the Mercedes was traveling at even a reasonable speed, maybe they also could have reacted in time to avoid an imminent collision. If it wasn’t the Jag at that moment, then surely it would have been some other innocent driver farther down the rd. That was a recipe for pure disaster.

      • A witness claimed it was over 90mph, I wouldn’t draw any conclusions because people are known for over exaggerating in situations like these. Let’s wait for the police report and what the real speed is.

      • ScottM

        Fast drivers expose bad drivers’ incompetence. Most people are bad drivers and don’t like being exposed as such. So everyone jumps on the fast driver. The MB was too fast for conditions, but the wreck wasn’t guaranteed until the Jag made the bone head stop. What the video shown doesn’t address is where was the MB down the road when the Jag started its barricade of the oncoming traffic. Had the MB been in the middle lane and the Jag stopped but the MB had moved to the outer lane expecting the Jag to have moved on past it by that point, I could let the Jag off in the confusion. Confusion that doesn’t get a chance to sort out because the speed forces an instant commitment. But we don’t have that information. And as noted, we don’t have actually correct speed information either.

        So are you defending the Jag driver? Or just attacking the MB driver? One does not imply the other. As exampled in my prior post.

    • SteersUright

      So 90mph on a public highway with a 60mph speed limit had nothing to do with this?

  • FunctionForm

    Why is the traffic stopped and why is the Jaguar sideways?? This looks like the Jaguar driver is at fault – at a minimum. The Mercedes doesn’t appear to be driving any faster than the traffic going the other direction.

    • James Denz

      …probably texting at the same time.

  • SteersUright

    So typical of Miami, where we have all these new drivers in leased cars and 3rd world driving manners.

    • Reformed Alchemist

      Have you been to Queens? Grandmas who were herding sheep 5 years ago now driving a 400hp SUV and they cant see over the dash….

    • Bob

      The “3rd world” is entirely unnecessary.

    • Dubs Dub

      Florida rich baby

  • Mr. EP9

    Yep, just had to be sure, it’s Florida.

  • Antonio Bošković

    bigger issue is why is there such a crossing where you have to over multiple lanes, its a just very stupid design of a road intersection

    • ksegg

      It’s pretty common here in the States. Personally I don’t like it either.

  • Reformed Alchemist

    They were lucky it wasn’t a Tesla….mushroom cloud…..

  • TRB0T0Y

    We all die eventually.
    And we all know the Jag is the jagoff responsible for the wreck. You don’t pull out of a cut thru unless it is clear.

    • Dubs Dub

      Do you drive? It was clear.

      • TRB0T0Y

        Clearly it wasn’t clear enough. That speeding Jag didn’t appear magically, in a time warp sphere like the Terminator.
        I do drive, and I’ve been driving since you were knee high to a caterpillar Bub, thanks much. I always ensure it is actually clear of all traffic before attempting this type of move.

      • Dredd2

        how you can say that it was clear? when the benz clearly was there????? It wasnt appear from s fraction of a second from a 90° corner…..the jag driver should seen that coming

  • ErnieB

    I live in Miami and can tell you it was the Merc going 90-100mph and driven by teens.

  • DumDumDum

    Turn into traffic, brake, wait there for speeding car to hit you…

    • Dubs Dub

      When you panic, you automatically hit the brakes. Driver was not expecting 90 mph coming at you. He would have made the turn if the oncoming car was going 40 mph.

  • David

    Jaguar is at fault crossing into on coming traffic. Poor judgement on his part.

    • packrfan4

      The Jag isn’t blameless but when you look at some of the other footage from nearby security cameras, you’ll see that the Merc was absolutely flying. Literally almost twice as fast as other cars in that road. It was inevitable that the Merc got into an accident driving as recklessly as it was. If the Merc was driving more slowly this accident is probably avoided and the driver of the Jag is still alive.

  • BP Trading

    Unfortunately the driver of the Jaguar died from injuries last night. The speed limit there on Biscayne is 40mph, the Merc was flying.

  • Nkululeko Duma

    sometimes you just have to sober your mind in such incidents, I hear a lot of people blaming this on speed which is truly the cause of the “severity” of this accident, there is negligence on the part of the Merc driver. however if you look at the flow of traffic from the direction where the Benz driver is coming you will see that all those vehicles are moving quite fast, it might not be as fast as the Benz. As a driver who isn’t American and neither drove on that route I already get an impression that this is a main road or almost similar to a freeway and in most cases people drive fast in such roads. having said that to me the driver of the Jag is the cause of this accident. I have never seen such negligence and recklessness in my life, I mean really now who moves into traffic that is moving at such speeds and suddenly “STOPS” in the middle of all that chaos, the Jag driver was clearly impatient. He went past every driver that was waiting for the right moment to engage the traffic and put everyone that was in that ramp in danger, any of the drivers that was in that traffic stream where the Benz is could have hit him… I just don’t know how any of you tolerate such bad driving displayed by the Jag driver. he is no different to a person that moves into the stream of traffic that is moving at 120Kmph at a speed of 40Kmph and holds brakes thereafter or keeps the same speed instead of accelerating towards 120Kmph. what is key in driving is to make a safe move all the time, observe and wait if you not sure of the traffic speed and only move in when it is safe to do so simple.

  • Judik

    So most of you blame more the Jag driver than the Mercedes one. Cinetic energy increase by the square of the energy release at 40mph is significantly less than at 60mph. Both were reckless but the speed of the Mercedes made the crash worst.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    The Mercedes don ´t try to brake…

  • iggination

    That’s what happens when incompetent kids are allowed to drive their parents’ car, and someone stupid happens to be trying to make a horrible turn incorrectly. Recipe for total disaster!

  • KAG25

    Who stops in the middle of a turn

    • Dubs Dub

      Who goes 90 in a 40

  • Andrewthecarguy

    This is really sad.

  • packrfan4

    If you see the entire video you’ll see the Jag stop mid-turn, right in the path of oncomjg traffic. If he keeps moving he probably gets clipped in the rear and the damage is not so bad. But there’s no reason at all why the Merc was driving so fast on that road.

  • lagann

    This is maybe 5% the fault of the Jag driver, the rest the merc driver owns it. It looks like to me the merc actually drives into the Jags lane…the merc having been on the second lane to the right.

    Also, driving 90+ in so much traffic is reckless af. Having lived in Florida there are some 45mph roads you can drive 90mph safely in…but no way was this road one of them.

    Based on a comment here the jag driver is dead. Merc driver needs to be charged with involuntary manslaughter at the least.

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