Woman's Kia Sorento Gas Pedal gets Stuck Sending her on a 120mph Horror Ride

Given the sticky situation she was in, Lauri Ulvestad of Ames, Iowa, should consider herself extremely lucky for making it out alive when the accelerator pedal of her 2011 Kia Sorento crossover got jammed as she was driving up Interstate 35 in Missouri last week. The 47-year old woman told KCCI-TV in Des Moines that she tried everything from turning off the key, to shifting out of drive and slamming on the brakes, but nothing worked. “I knew I was going to die,” said Ulvestad. “I didn’t have any doubt about. I really thought I was going to die … and no matter what I did, I couldn’t slow it down.” Her only option was to call 911 and ask for help. The sheriff’s deputies and state troopers responded immediately attempted to shift traffic in her path as the woman tried to avoid other vehicles in front of her while reaching speeds of up 120mph (193 km/h). “It was accelerating faster and faster. And I was looking at my GPS, and the number was going up and up and up,” she said. “My foot isn’t even on the accelerator. The emergency brake is on all the way. I’m trying to move the brake, but it’s not working.” After a terrifying 59 miles (94 kilometers) and 35 minutes, the woman managed to release the accelerator and hit the brake and finally come to a stop ending the wild ride. Patrol spokesperson Sheldon Lyon gave praise to the woman for the way she handled the situation. “Not only to drive fast, but to go into the median, pull back up into the passing lane and hit that asphalt lip — and not overcorrect — it was really amazing to see her do that repeatedly,” Lyon told CBS News. However, Lyon pointed out that he was also disappointed at some drivers who stayed on the left lane of the interstate and didn’t move over immediately even when approached by the police cars. “Every close call was caused by people who wouldn’t get out of the way for the lights and sirens,” said Lyons. “They ended up with near misses several times.” Kia said that it is looking into the incident and plans to release a statement.
If you follow the break, you’ll find video footage of the incident filmed by the dash-cam of the patrol vehicle.

  • tony

    Actually yes you should know how to deal with such situations or else you should not be driving… Let me tell you how I know ur full of shit… there would be a reason your engine didn’t get screwed up after you put it in neutral, lets say it together….. BECAUSE YOU WENT TO PARK AFTER YOU SLOWED AND THEN TURNED THE CAR OFF!!! whooo, because if you had just left it in neutral your engine surely woulda been screwed whooooooo

  • tony

    What I don’t understand is how police were able tp catch up and escort her, and no one has told her to go to neutral??? very odd

  • linda lovett

    I have the same problem with my 2005 Kia Sorento. I brought my Kia in 2012 used. I notice the problem a week after I brought it. I send it back to the dealer and he referred me to a mechanic to look at it. The mechanic sprayed something on the accelerator, but that didn’t help. It only do it sometimes. I’m still driving my Sorento and still having that problem. I just hope that I don’t have the incident that you had. Kia need a recall for the problem. I would have freck out and would not known what to do.