Georgian BMW M5 Street Drifter Giorgi Tevzadze Reportedly Dies in Crash

If you were ever on the lookout for videos with insanely talented / dangerous street racers and drifters breaking just about every law on the book and many times, jeopardizing the well-being of other drivers, you probably have heard about and watched Giorgi Tevzadze from Georgia (the country, not the State).

We regret to inform you that, according to a number of reports including from the M5E39 website and more importantly, comments on NeedForDrive (NFD), which hosted many videos of Tevzadze’s wild rides, the Georgian driver died in a car crash in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. He was not the driver but a passenger in the M5.

While we have yet to confirm this from other sources, we also found a dedicated page on Facebook titled “R.I.P Giorgi Tevzadze” in which it is noted:

“Giorgi Tevzadze just died in a car crash. He was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident, and his friend was driving the car. Sadly, Giorgi Tevzadze died when the car lost control, hit a tree with the right side.”

The driver of the M5 was injured but he made it out alive. There are also two photos of Tevzadze’s black BMW M5 E34 from the scene of the accident. Tevzadze was reportedly only 26 years old. We’ll update this post as soon as we find out more – in the meantime, if you have any additional information, tell us in the comments or in an email.

Thanks to Sergio C. for the tip!




  • guest365

    Good riddance!

    • asdasd

      go away

    • TrackDriver

      Yeah, no shit. The guy was an asshole. Glad he’s gone. And before you get on my case about being a party-pooper, realize that those of us who take it to the track do it for a reason. On the track, I KNOW that the guy behind me is trying to pass me, so I’m prepared and ready to react . You morons cutting in and out of traffic aren’t endangering yourself – you’re endangering me because I don’t know what to expect. How am I supposed to predict what you’re going to do next on public roads? I don’t care how many “skillz” you got “bro.” Wrap it around a telephone pole like this guy and save us all the trouble.

      • gdog smoke

        you are full of s**t bet you can not even drift a shopping trolley

        • David

          Considering shopping trolleys or “carts” don’t have suspensions and axles, No one really can.

          • 成败北

            what you talking about? I drift with a costco cart all the time

      • Speed Addict

        Dude! Good or Nothing from a dead man.

      • Gotnervs

        Amen brother!!!!!

      • tryin2fly09

        And its people like you that make us look like a joke to other countries in the autoworld. You put safety before confidence and skill. Enjoy nascar and dragracing. Two skilless sports…enjoy your sunday drives you old shmuck. I never saw anyone hurt or have read of “crazed bmw driver causes pileup on public roads!” Shut your moth douchbag.. nobody said garlits deserved to loose his foot or earnhart deserved to die..its following passion to feel alive. If a car flying by is shocking.. then you have a shitty boring life.. move aside for those who want to live..

        • lex

          not until this moron, you just heard crazy bmw driver wrap car in a tree. fag.

          • Tryin2fly09 .

            Lex your a dumbass….ROTF . My comment was to
            stand up for Giorgi.. Who wasnt even driving his car, he was in the passenger seat. SOOO then, that would mean “GIORGI” was not at fault. His friend driving was. Soooo in retrospect GIORGI DIDNT CAUSE SHIT HIS BUDDY DID. Finnally that would support my previous Statement.. GIORGI NEVER HIT/HURT/Or caused any other accidents to any innocent ppl…

            Since your such a smart ass, then why was there a heated discussion posted between Giorgi and THE CHIEF OF GIORGIAN POLICE??? He tried to nail Giorgi and the needfordrive crew.. But couldnt..CAUSE HE HAD NOONE TO PRESS CHARGES AGAINST THE ONLY PURPLE BMW WITH 00M-500 license plate in their damn country..

            Next time atleast know what your gonna talk shit
            about.. Then your stupidity wont show through your keyboard… god you
            must be dumb if its that easy for you…. oh ya I almost forgot since
            were both gonna act 12 here….”TROLLING FAG”

          • etuna

            thx for the support…Im Girogis relative from Georgia..I accidentally read the article and your comments…
            I don’t want to know what other people say or think about him but the reality is that hes gone and its hardly endurable for his family..
            hes got a one-year-old daughter Anastasia…when Giorgi died his wife was 4 months pregnant…
            I advise all these people who comment here,who loved and express their condolences…stop talking what they do not know…and stop insulting 26 year old boy..shame of you
            etuna tevzadze

          • Χρήστος

            Read this genius

            Левана Долидзе

            …..Но жаль то что МВД Грузии не оценило мастерство Гиоргия и у него отняли водительские права, сам министр ВД смотрел видео и отдал приказ…..

            Levani Dolize (one of Giorgis partners) says that the Georgia interior ministry took Giorgis driving license after they watched the video with the 100% illegal driving on public roads. No charges against him hahaha!

          • Darren Goodall

            1 he allowed himself in that car. 2 he allowed his friend to race it. drive fast.. 3 his judgment was bad. ive seen some of the vids he in. i see him head on with other user on road did not move.. if the guy was an old man. he probably have an hart attack . there are race tracks to go to do that stuff.. not on public roads.

      • JayJ

        You get pleasure talking shit bout dead people for likes on disqus, your a shitter person than Giorgi.

      • JayJ

        You get pleasure talking s**t bout dead people for likes on disqus, your a worse person than Giorgi.

      • Markki

        The guy is dead and you still talk shit about him?! You should be embarrased of yourself! -.-

  • JJ

    Clearly not so talented it seems?

    It’s a shame someone died, but it’s good this dangerous criminal is now off the streets.

    • smhkrlv

      Read the article retard ! his friend was the driver.

      • Danny

        His friend was saint ? smhkrlv retardo

      • Hattori Hanzo

        JJ did not mention anything about who drove the car? Chill out man. The point is he had been producing illegal street drifting videos and who knows how many of his attempts had not been recorded?
        In any case, streets in Georgia is one crazy freak less now.

      • JJ

        I did read the article, “retard”, but I guess you didn’t read my post.

        Please go do some street drifting 😉
        Looks like a lot of people agree.

        • AJ

          Actually, you said: “Clearly not so talented it seems”. Which implies you thought HE messed up while street drifting, how is it anything to do with HIS talent when he’s only a passenger. Logic motherfucker, use it.

    • 96

      a criminal?

    • JayJ

      Daymn you just go on every article about this dude and talk smack, you’re worse then him.

  • rebman

    Uh, bye.

  • tkindred

    He was asking to die. Good thing he didn’t take anyone with him.

    • jake robertson

      Anyone who says he should have or asked to die should probs go stab them self in the eye with a fork!! What kind of pig are you if i could see you now i would punch ur face in to the ground !!!! Death is not diserved not for driving!!!! Or not even in this case!!!!

      • trolled

        sit down Janet, you’ll twist up your panties

      • Vince Nguyen

        Jake, I’m interested in what you would think if he ended up killing someone else. I agree death isn’t deserved, but he put many people at risk…

      • Antonio Grande

        If you watch a video from this guy you’d see that he’s risked the lives of many for what seems to be his own personal entertainment. Good. Freaking. Riddance.

    • etuna

      fucking bustard!

  • random comment

    Poor tree…

    • jb

      poor M5 you mean

  • Guest


  • Anonamoose

    26 yrs old? Guy driving in vid 2 looks about 40 due to his shiny bald patch

    • nealsoad

      Not relevant, I was bald at 22. What are you, 15?

  • Luke

    The guy had a big talent and a lot of skill to be able to drive like that. He never caused an accident himself, yet you cheer that hes dead? You idiots shoukd think what you write before you post it >:O

    • Millionaire$$$$$$

      people who write bad about this poor guy are idiots. +he was not driving this car

    • Sergio Carranza

      he was talented yeah, but such display in public streets can never be acceptable, maybe he never caused an accident, but maybe it was because people always moved out of his way to avoid him, no one wants to have a car accident and if you ever see someone doing such things on the street you will slow down and move out.

      • paul williams

        I agree its not remotely acceptable but apparently this guy never crashed. He was probably a safer driver than the average teenage girl or pensioner. Stupid… but very accomplished at his stupidity.

    • bob

      putting peoples lives and other cars at risk, a big talent?? anyone can drive like that, its just that civilized people dont be a d$ck about it………… he’s just been lucky not to cause accidents thats all

      • Aaron

        You’re a fag and you have no clue what you’re saying

      • Tripisis

        Anyone can drive like that? Are you dumb?

        • Kripe

          trust me, no one can drive like him and avoid accidents. butt hurt ‘muricans

          • paul williams

            Errr…how do you know he’s american? Or are you just so simple minded that you always assume that lol

          • SkilledDriver

            What the fuck man ? His name is BOB,where could he’d be from ? If he lived in Russia,his name was Yuri,not BOB.Omfg you think with your ass ? I think you should,maybe you will think alot more…

      • Karkoum

        Give credit where it’s due kid…

    • DrLektor

      Sad that he died. But life is not a video game. Got a “talent”? Want to drive like a lunatic? Have a little consideration for others and do it on a racetrack.

      • Kornaz V Vygintas Bobina

        Golden words dude.

    • Flasheroo

      How do you know he never caused a accident,you dont do you?If you look up to a moron like this you will someday share the same fate and the world will be better for it!

      • Kornaz V Vygintas Bobina

        Exactly. You never know, because there is no video of it. He might’ve caused 10’s of accidents.

    • Vince Nguyen

      Luke, I agree that he is skilled and did not cause this particular accident…but in public roads you can’t control your surroundings. It’s only a matter of time until he hurt/kills himself or someone else.

    • Antonio Grande

      He could have found a race course and have a good time racing against other racers. You could die there too, but at least that’s what it is for. Public streets with other people minding their own business isn’t the place to race.

  • Millionaire$$$$$$

    he’s friend was driving this car …Tevzadze sat as a passenger. if he was driving this car he would be alive now. once he said: my car never forgives mistakes to noone. Its so sad. He was so young 🙁 RIP brother

    • Dato Makharashvili

      YES!!!!this is true

  • NotSoSad

    Poor car..

  • trolologuy

    this is what happens when someone tries to show skills the wrong way…

  • Gloff

    Not Black, car was Techno Violet

  • he was not driving but he was the one encoraging this kind of behavior. +1 for he deserved it and streets are safer now.

  • The Voice

    live by the car die by the car

    • Karkoum

      He would’ve been a legendary actor in the Fast and Furious franchise…

  • golfiko

    when you drive like a moron, you’ll find yourself a part of the statistics.

    • 96

      he wasnt diving stupid ass cant you read?

  • Jeff

    I want to see any of you who thinks what he does is justified when someone drives through your neighborhood like he does. I’m sure you guys would have a different reaction. I’ve seen people crossing the street while he’s speeding by imagine if it was you or your kids crossing that street….

  • asdfasdf

    one less moron around

  • Flasheroo

    One less moron to endanger the publics lives!I sincerely hope that his life passed before his eyes and that he rots in hell!

    • Smit93

      Your a cunt, anyone who talks like this should rot in hell, not him. Pussy, he did it for fundraising

  • asdfasdf

    I love action and quick
    driving -> but really of the deep of my hart –> no remorse and no regret
    to that useless driver

    • YouCunt

      Useless driver ? He knew how to control a car better than you,and the 10th generation after you,u cunt.

  • All You Kids Are Stupid


  • Meowzing

    Natural Selection.. I feel bad for the tree, though.

    • 96

      he wasnt the one driving stupid fuck

  • Tomislav

    Rest in peace

    Pocivaj u miru

    Respect Giorgi Tevzadze!

    Respect e34 //M5

    Respect from Serbia

    • troller

      eastern european cunt

  • Schniezer Sleiman

    R.I.P Giorgi, the best driver i have ever seen and probably the best i will ever see. Shame to go through someone else’s hands, but im sure you are in a better place.
    One of the worlds best street driver.

    • Sergio Carranza

      I seriously hope you are joking about that… now we have a street driver category within the FIA???

  • K

    It is sad to no more his video
    But It is good to other russian driver

  • Arthur

    GeorgeFreeman55 Search me on You Tube I am best drifter in UK

  • Paul

    Inevitable outcome – just be thankful that no innocents went with him. Its people like him who give the authorities the excuse they need to persecute the rest of us for perfectly safe driving. I have some near me who drive up residential streets between rows of parked cars at 90mph

  • TangoUrilla

    By the look of the videos it’s a shame it wasn’t sooner, morons like that deserve nothing but contempt.

  • Ben Fox

    Fuck you guys, this guy is kickass, why live a boring life when you can do stuff like this, I would rather die like this than live a shitty life and work all my life to retire and do nothing. At least he had fun while he was here.

  • Bell Biv Devoe

    Sad to hear that a person died, but Tbilisi is filled with fucking morons who think that “drifting” is the coolest thing in the world.

    If Georgians put half as much effort into starting business as wasting money on things like car drifting, maybe they wouldn’t be so poor.

  • guest333

    RIP friend

  • mat

    26 years old but looks like a 55 year old.

  • Me

    One stupid Idiot more ^^

  • Gs

    what a fucking idiot!!!

  • Ronald Farber

    None of those other drivers or pedestrians wanted to be in his stupid videos, dying in an accident is the most considerate thing this asshole ever did on the road. So what if his friend was driving, he’s as asshole too, I hope he learned his lesson and gets a nice 1 litre Nissan Micra.

  • Racer

    All us car drivers/racers need is respect. R.I.P young soul.

  • ccod

    Look in the trees, you’ll see a soul

  • RIPgiorgi

    I bet that he´s in the Driver / Drifter heaven !

  • joshuaosborne

    Their is ways to make really good money proffessionally doing what he is doing on the streets and freeways. why didnt he turn pro and make something out of his talents? Sad

  • John

    Was he that good at driving? Were are his trophys to show and gain respect? We should use our common sense in life

  • Vlad Bitlovin

    How could one be so stupid to drive like this without a seatbelt??? wow

  • Bn

    Good thing he died.

  • ThereIveSaidIt

    That is fucking hilarious! Good riddance you stupid bastard. We are all laughing at your death. I hope it was painful!

  • Georgia

    Who thinks to he deserved death fuck you all bitches mother fuck you all assholes he was best driver in world hes never been accident assholes bitches

  • tom

    what clown would give his M5 , if it was his, to someone other to drift in the streets. But yeah sad that it happened to such a skilled driver, even though he chose wrong place to show off his skills

  • Eric Martin

    That man was only a dumbass in regard to public endangerment, as far as driving skills go he was a genius. RIP

  • jared

    I think the thinking this guy is having is that if you are driving in a track and you are experienced, you have the same chance of dying on the street. Also, this guy probably survived all of this due to adrenaline rush of other people, police, and moving cars so fast reactions. don’t talk shit on someone you don’t understand.

  • jared

    are you guys serious? grow up. yes i said it GROW UP. this guy may be an asshole driver. but one hes extremely good at it. and two why are you celebrated another human’s death even if he was an asshole that is just fucked up. go to hell.

  • Pete Gill

    At least the tree is okay.

  • Ken Shin

    if you ever see street racers behind you flying through a lot of the times its actually good to do nothing at all. Most racers already have planned where they are going next and a subtle turn by the driver in front could cause an accident. So STAY PUT.

  • Reader

    its funny how every driver acts like Georgian has the same driving rules. You should understand how people drive in different countries then you can judge them. Remember not every place has the same laws or the same idea’s.

  • G

    Fuck you all who’s glad that he died. Rip my friend god be with you

  • don’t matter

    one less asshole to worry about …

    • does matter

      Yes now we have to worry about the other 70% of drivers who are more retarded and will kill you whilst they are on the phone driving.

  • Bob

    Shame he didn’t slowly burn to death Piece of shit.

  • Klaus naci

    FUCK RACE TRACKS. He drives better then everyone on his page. How are you happy that he died. Get off his dick

  • Tony Francis Tirona Degan

    he’s the best driver i’ve ever seen in any video, i’ve never seen anyone drive as good as him. too bad he died, especially since he was a passenger. probably wouldn’t have happened if he was the driver imo. rip man, respect.

  • Justin Waters

    I do agree that he was putting other peoples lives at risk by driving like that on crowded, public roads, but I would rather have him driving around my neighborhood than some distracted teen, or a pensioner that can’t see anymore.
    Personally, I think this guy is amazing. If everyone could drive as good as him, the roads would be a lot safer……

  • faithful

    God really exists!!! And he punish the ass holes!! Praise the lord and please send all these dangerous drivers to hell.

    • Status

      There is no such thing as God, heaven, or hell. Prove they exist, or abandon your beliefs.

  • Bjorn

    So in Georgia are the traffic laws very lax? Sorry about the loss.

  • Nate

    Fuck all of you! This man is someone who refused to be a part of a large portion of whats wrong with this world. He was a master drifter and I can guarantee you, if theres anyone you want to get into an accident with, its someone as skilled as him.

    Why is it that murderers who kill and rape with no warning whatsoever get to live and be sent to prisons that are better then some motels, but you want a religious, charismatic and flat-out skilled person to die? It has been estimated that less than 1% of car related deaths had anything at all to do with street racing.

    You need to realise that the world is a dangerous and unfair place. You could be hit by a drunk driver one day when your walking across the supermarket parking lot, or catch a bullet in some kind of gun fight. For gods sake, japan didn’t get this pissed at the US when we nuked em as you guys are at him.

    God bless all good street racers and drifters!

  • no_longer_america

    Rot in hell. He put so many people at risk.

    • Billy

      No compassion on teh interwebz!
      Fuck all you keyboard warriors, there are lunatics on the roads everywhere who can be just as dangerous when driving under the speed limit, elderly, drink drivers, women especially, go on a crusade you fucking hermits!

  • Drift fan 221

    Much respect to this amazing drifter.Most of these negative comments are from people who will never understand the control that he had over his impressive car. Very few people where ever in danger if you think that it’s cause your a non-driver and just don’t get it.

  • fkok

    Ik neuk jullie allemaal de moeders

  • good idiot

    Glad he’s dead now. He no more endangers the lives of innocent people. What a moron and idiot, really got what he deserved.

  • Blango

    I’m sure it’s a lie so that the local authorities stop looking for him, just like ghost rider, it’s very common in the scene

  • OneDay-IwannaDriveTHatGood

    Giorgi Tevzadze knew how to fucking drive the shit out of M5’s. Raw skill that ignites drive in us all. Mad Respect.

  • Respect556

    This guy maybe dangerous but ill give him respect for the way he drives his M5 safely without any accidents. Iam pretty sure he had taken practices but he doesnt really want to do his drivings mostly in the tracks.

  • **B5AUDIA4**

    anyone that’s said dipshit garbage like: “he deserved this” and “he endangered lives” should end their own, OMFG the hatters!….. he clearly made a successful career for himself to even be able to afford the cars and mods that he did! his wife was beautiful and he was happy. the fact that you have ever watched one of his videos means that he amounted to more than ANYTHING that you ever will. HE WAS NOT DRIVING!!! he was a master of his craft, and the art in what he did was unlike anything else. the man had HUGE balls, i wish he was around to put them on your chin and cut you off in traffic. fuck YOUR lives

  • James Anric

    Anyone know what happened to the car? Was it scrapped? Fuck this makes me sad Giorgi was my one role model. I’m sure he knew he was going to die in a car crash one day but it still makes me sad.

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