2014 Chevy Impala Sits Well On Big Vossen Wheels

There really is an art to getting the look of your custom car right. Some overdo it, while others are too hesitant to make changes and people just end up calling their cars sleepers. However, you can never ever really go wrong with a suspension lowering kit and some big rims sitting on an inch or two of rubber. Any car will look better, even one that didn’t look so hot in the first place… Thankfully, Chevrolet have done a great job of styling (and engineering) the Impala and if the extent of the modifications is not excessive, it wears them well – it’s cool enough for some people to even have its own song. The car we’ve posted a video of below is riding on Vossen wheels, that are of a simple and elegant design – they suit it well indeed. It belongs to Behind the Scenes film-maker Derick G, and the video portrays a day in his life, the day he drives to a studio for a photo shoot dedicated to his ride – the photos taken that day can be found in the gallery below. By Andrei Nedelea


  • Millionaire$$$$$$$

    looks good. needs a powerful engine

  • donald seymour

    Oh My. I like it! However, I don’t wish to promote meaninglessness wheels on cars club. I do love that the wheels are tuck in properly and it seems more coceptish than ghetto.

  • Car_Guy1

    This is the best looking Impala since the ’60s, but here’s a better direction…

  • That Ross Chap

    No kidding – first rims I think I’ve ever seen that just looks right with the car, and not like an aftermarket product

  • BlackPegasus

    They look awesome! I can do without the smoked out tail lights however. Saw a fully loaded 2014 Impala on the road the other day. It looked more impressive than it’s Cadillac cousin the XTS.

  • joca

    very nice looking car

  • markymarklima

    Design is subjective, so the topic about whether these wheels look good will always be debatable. However, there is one generally accepted rule of thumb with regard to rims and that is… if the proposed enlargement or style result in a cavernous gap between disc rotor and rim, then FFS fit larger discs! It looks like a half-baked job IMHO.

  • fabri99

    Really fancy one of these…

  • diehard

    Too bad the Chevy SS doesn’t look as good.

    • doberman


  • me0my

    you can always go wrong with huge rims and barely any rubber, im sure a car rides better with a little more rubber and bet it handles better when the rims arent huge. i think you need 3 inches of rubber at least to look right. its kinda like those stick thin models they parade around in the fashion shows. i like skinny girls but half of them need to eat a hamburger once in awhile. same thing with wheels and tires. unless its a big car i dont think anything bigger than 18s should be on the car and have a little side wall on the tire.

  • Mark Harry

    Awesome Look.

  • JJ1000

    New impalas are great if u looking for to cruise in buy it, its not for performance its A family sedan for economy if you want performance buy the camaro or vette just my 2 cents!!!

  • SConn

    Please tell me what was used to drop this car? I can’t find a lowering kit anywhere.

  • Schploink!

    Your comment in the article that you can’t go wrong by adding large wheels, lowering the car and “sitting on” an inch of rubber couldn’t be more wrong. Why buy a car if you’re going to destroy the ride quality? I’m not being trollish, I am just stating that it’s not true that you can’t go wrong doing this, in fact anyone over say 35 years old would think… hmm? Plus actually owning the car is far less fun when you have to constantly change tires due to the short life of these sport tires. Flossin’ has it’s price and quality and cost apparently are the cost. Just not for me, that’s all. Beautiful car, terrible to own.