2016 BMW 1-Series Facelift: This Is It In 100 Photos [w/Video]

For better or for worse – we’ll let you be the judge of that, BMW has given the 1-Series hatchback a cosmetic facelift accompanied by the addition of its new three-cylinder power units.

The 1-Series hatch in both three- and five-door forms has been criticized for its looks and in particular, the front end with its googly eyes. To that extent, and even though many feel that BMW would have been better off just applying the 2-Series Coupe’s fascia (like this guy did in real life), the Bavarians followed a different path.

They redesigned the headlamps giving them a more rectangular shape and a lower profile while at the same time, stretching the double kidney grilles and re-profiling the bumper. Additionally, the headlamps now come with standard LED daytime driving lights, while full-LED headlights are available as an option for the first time.

At the back, the boxy tail lamp units were replaced with new two-section rear lights in the familiar BMW “L” shape with LED units that are standard across the range.

Moving on to the interior and besides the new seat covers, the updated 1-Series gets new controls for the radio and the climate control, chrome and high-gloss black surface trims on the center console, and a new M Sport steering wheel.

Standard equipment across the range now includes automatic air conditioning, a rain sensor, and a BMW Radio Professional and iDrive operating system with a newer high-resolution 6.5-inch built-in monitor (optionally, BMW offers a new 8.8-inch screen with Navigation).

There’s a raft of newly available assistance systems and services from BMW ConnectedDrive, including the radar-based Active Cruise Control system with Stop & Go function, and the latest-generation Parking Assistant that now allows “parallel parking in tight spaces restricted either by two obstacles or on one side only, as well as automatic transverse parking”.

Plenty of changes were made under the hood, as for the first time, the 1-Series is offered with BMW’s new 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo’d petrol and diesel engines. These include an 116PS (114hp) diesel in the 116d and 116d EfficientDynamics, and the 109PS (108hp) petrol in the 116i.

BMW updated its range of 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel and gasoline four-pots, which now include three diesels in the 118d (150PS or 148hp), 120d (190PS or 187hp) and 125d (224PS or 221hp), and three petrol units in the 118i (136PS or 134hp), 120i (177PS or 175hp) and 125i (218PS or 215hp).

The range-topping M135i’s 3.0-liter turbocharged six gains an extra 7hp and now delivers 326PS or 322hp, allowing the RWD version to hit 100km/h in 5.1 sec for the manual and 4.9 sec for the 8-speed automatic model, while the all-wheel xDrive edition that is offered exclusively with the auto box, does the same in 4.7 seconds.

BMW said that the eight-speed Steptronic transmission offered across the range comes with revised hardware and software to improve efficiency, and now offers transmission management supported by navigation data.

The updated 1-Series hatch will go on sale later this year following its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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  • Carson

    Front looks much better but what have they done to the rear lights?!?! It looks absolutely hideous!!! Way too big and wide.


      aren’t all recent BMWs rear ends look hideous? – their internship program probably is leaving design of the rear to kids or something…

  • the lights look oversized, however its an improvement.. i thought they were going to make it look like the 2.. ah well..


      yeah, seems like they try to attract millennials who are into anime and make headlights unnecessarily big and depressed

  • Tinky-Winky

    WOW! It’s like a whole new car. I really like what they’ve done with it, especially the taillights which give the car a more lively and aggressive feeling.

  • dinn

    Better from the front but rear end is not matching.

  • Glasfunk

    Tail-lights could have stayed unchanged pretty comfortably, IMO, but not a bad revision overall. Front looks good at least.

  • Alx

    This is an improvement for sure. The rear lights are a little Citroen, no?!

  • Bo Hanan

    Much better. But why 2 million photos???

    • Yoyo

      You’re complaining about too many photos? Ridiculous.

    • JohnCarscoop

      So you can see (and judge) the car in full detail from all angles and in all variations. Just take a
      moment to contemplate how much easier and time-efficient it would have been for me if
      I just downloaded and uploaded 5 web-sized photos versus 100 HD pics.


        good job, mate. This car does look different from other angels – but also proves the bad design if you have to look on it from the ground level to like it 🙂

  • Pastiche

    Rear was ok if compared with the new one. This one is much better.


  • klowik

    This is much better with better front and tail lights which align with the rest of the BMW family. sorry for those who bought the current 1-series, the mostly ugly BMW ever!.

  • George Bailey

    It’s a good thing that the old 1-series hatch was not made available in the U.S. but this redesign should be. It would sell especially well to American driving enthusiasts who are in the entry-level market and who know that the next 1-series will be FWD.

  • TheHake

    Looks better but still awkward.


      millennials are awkward – target demographic for hatches

  • J.R.

    The rear is not an improvement. It has lost all the traditional BMW Design DNA & now looks like just another Hyundai & KIA hatchback.


      because hyundais are selling loads of those and BMW want in on the market full of emotional buyers who don’t give any consideration about BMW’s history

  • Yardie

    Wow, it became a….a….A HYUNDAI i20!!!! FANTASTIC!

  • rover10

    Front end is improved however, the rear lights on the previous iteration made the car look wider.

  • Vassilis

    Finally! This is how it should have been launched the first time. Much prettier car.

  • fabri99

    Yeah, well… I’d rather still have the 1 series with the 2 series front end…

  • Eunos

    The rear M-pack bumper still looks ridiculous

  • warpracer

    Looks so good!

  • Yoyo

    Looks great to me.

  • Yoyo

    So we STILL don’t get this in the United States. What a bunch of garbage. I’m fed up with this premium hatchback US boycott most manufacturers are doing. It’s complete bullshit.

  • Je ne suis pas Charlie

    Is this song a mixed version of the Bloodsport soundtrack Fight to Survive?


    did someone put 135i’s headlights onto a 235i body? – i mean could the opposite swap to this http://www.carscoops.com/2014/12/bmw-m135i-hatch-with-m235i-coupe-front.html work in favour of 235i too?

  • Miguel

    Really dislike the rear diffuser on the M Sport model. Looks way too big and bulky to me, especially with the contrast between the white and dark grey. It’s less noticeable in the video than the pics, so maybe it will look better in person.
    The new tail lights have a hint of a BMW take on the Alfa Giulietta if you ask me. The more I look at them, the more I like them.

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