An SUV Is No Match For The Laws Of Physics

Just because your car may come with all-wheel drive and generous ground clearance doesn’t mean it can deal with everything.

This is another typical example of a driver failing to adapt his speed to the road conditions, which are particularly slippery.

From what we can see, there’s snow and definitely ice, and both the car that lost control as well as the dashcam-carrying car are pushing their luck.

The reason why the car in front lost control is… physics. No matter how good the AWD is, if the tires lose traction it simply does not mater; you must be very skilled, and very lucky, to avoid an accident.

Thankfully, this was a light crash. The snow bank on the side of the road helped slow the car down, while the wooden fence absorbed the rest of the impact. There should be little to no damage to the car nor its passengers. There might be a hole in the owner’s pocket, though, if the airbags deployed…

Yet another lesson in road-manners: Better be safe than sorry.