BMW To Build Only Five M4 GTS Coupes Per Day

Even though the world will only see 700 units of the BMW M4 GTS, all of which have already been spoken for, the German brand will take its time and build them in 10 months.

According to Autovisie, the manufacturing process will commence in March and come to a stop in December 2016. This means BMW will roll out five units per day on the production line.

The US will get the lion’s share at 300 units, with Canada getting 50 cars, the United Kingdom 30, with the rest being scattered all over the world, to spread BMW’s good… letter: M.

With a twin-turbo six tuned to 493 hp and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) under the hood, the car is a true track performer, as demonstrated by the record 7:28 lap registered on Nurburgring, not that long ago.

It seems like BMW’s assembly plant will try to mirror the model’s swiftness in the manufacturing process. Mind you, it isn’t a walk in the park, as the M4 GTS starts its life on the 4 Series Coupe production line, then migrates to a separate one where M6 models and M135i GT3 Cups come to life – with M GmbH assembling them by hand.

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