Dashcam Captures Scary Head-On Collision In Russia

Posted last week, this video depicts one of the scariest head-on crashes we’ve seen lately, even though the ‘dashcam vehicle’ managed to steer clear of the impact.

According to reports, the driver of the first-generation KIA cee’d that’s seen spinning out of control after the collision, drove into oncoming traffic for no apparent reason and collided with a Ford Focus Sedan.

As a result, the guilty party and two of his passengers had to be hospitalized, together with the driver of the Ford and his three passengers. Unfortunately, a 9-year old child was also involved and ultimately taken to the hospital, though at this stage no indications point to any of them being in immediate danger.

All other participants were not injured and were lucky to escape without being mowed down by the cee’d after the initial impact. We’re talking of course about the car carrying the dashcam, though it’s not like they walked away without one heck of a scare.

Watching that KIA spin towards you out of control is a pretty intimidating thing, and we hope, will discourage some people from speeding during winter conditions, and especially from not maintaining an appropriate distance to the vehicle ahead – which is what ultimately made a big difference in this particular case.

The SUV driving ahead of the dashcam car was also involved in the crash, however the footage doesn’t actually reveal if it was clipped or not after the KIA collided with the Ford. As far as we can tell, they got off scot-free.

Warning: Footage can be disturbing to watch