Porsche 911 SC/RS Brushes Off Snow, Gets Hooned At Nurburgring

Every year, the Nurburgring circuit closes for the winter.

That’s because the Green Hell freezes over, as removing snow and making the 22 km track safe is an impossible task.

Still, if you’re racing a car built to tackle the harshest conditions out there you might just could have a little bit fun, even if you’re restricted to some parts of the GP-Strecke.

That’s exactly what happened in this case with a Group B-spec Porsche 911 SC/RS.

For Rothmans to legally compete in the Group B class, it had to use a car that was produced in a given number of units. So it turned to Porsche, and the German car manufacturer built 20 911 SC/RS in order to satisfy FIA’s rules. The cars used components from the RS/RSR concepts, 917 brakes and RSR/953 suspension. Needless to say, it was unlike anything on the road.

Seeing a Rothmans livery-wearing, rear-engined dot on the snow-covered circuit is uncanny at first, but this Porsche was built for rallying. In fact, it was built to challenge gravel roads around the world, including desert stages. Thus, it’s well equipped to face this challenge.