Rafa Nadal, X-Car & X-Men Make For One Action Packed Aussie Open Spot

Since joining the X-Men in last year’s Australian Open KIA Sorento commercial, tennis superstar Rafael Nadal seems to have caught the “action bug”.

If you’re looking to display your individual skills, the tennis court is one of the best places to do so. There are no teammates to pass to, and as long as you’re not playing in the doubles, you’ll find no teammates to help you either.

It’s one against one, and that’s where individual skill shines brightest. Of course, the X-Men are more of a team and tend to know how to feed off each other, but that doesn’t mean that KIA’s latest X-related creation can’t help out the former No. 1 world tennis player.

Nadal is currently ranked 5th behind Djokovic, Murray, Federer and Wawrinka, but when it comes to raw skill, he can be just good as any of those other guys on any given day.

Therefore, KIA are probably right in thinking that he can continue to be a beacon for them – which is why they’ve been sponsoring him since 2006.

On top of that, he looks pretty good while teaming up with the Mystique-inspired Sportage, which to be fair, does look so out of place during all that X-Men: Apocalypse footage.

They even went and got the scene where Professor Xavier says “I’ve never felt power like this before”, definitely referring to Apocalypse, an ancient mutant that will be the antagonist in the upcoming film. Of course, the carmaker is associating it with the Sportage; but that’s what these kind of sponsorship are formed for anyway.