VW Has Norwegians Scratching Their Heads With Passat Trailer Driving Backwards

Volkswagen’s trailer assist technology makes maneuvering a trailer while reversing look like a child’s play, and this Norwegian commercial tries to show exactly just how easy it is.

Well, not exactly, as the final outcome is exaggerated for comedic effect and (probably) to promote the technology, as Volkswagen used a specially built rig to make the Passat in the video look like its steering a trailer backwards at high speed.

For the interesting video to take place, a small, normal vehicle was cut in half and used as a base for a trailer that could be safely driven on the public roads. Visibility wasn’t an issue, as plexiglass frames were used – covered by one-way transparent wrap – for the driver to see outside of the cabin, but not the other way around. Even so, don’t you think it was a walk in the park, as the stunt drivers performing this trick had to maintain a certain rhythm while steering.

We won’t spoil the rest of the videos for you, but the final outcome is funny and original, getting people’s attention as it went through roundabouts, intersections, and even performing some overtaking maneuvers.

In reality, things are a lot more boring; don’t get us wrong, the system works just fine, but it works in a conventional way, just like an automatic parking feature.