All-New 2016 Toyota Prius Looks Ready For Game Day

Toyota has released a 90-second spot called ‘Heck on Wheels’, hoping to highlight some of the all-new Prius’ features such as the upgraded performance, safety tech and new styling.

Also, viewers are invited to tune into the “Big Game” on Monday, February 8, in order to learn how the #GoPriusGo hashtag could give them a chance to have their tweet featured within one of Toyota’s post-game live commercials.

The Japanese automaker first announced its return to the Super Bowl for the fifth consecutive year on January 11th, with the 2016 Prius taken center stage.

Toyota will launch their Super Bowl campaign on Sunday and this video represents a teaser of what’s to come – which at the moment remains a question mark. We do however know that the Prius is expected to put forth a historic performance according to the company’s VP of marketing Jack Hollis who said that they can’t “wait to show off this Prius on the world’s biggest stage,” and that the car might just go down in history as something just as exciting as the legendary Super Bowl III, XVIII or XLII.

Judging by how most people are responding to the Prius, at least in terms of design, it’s safe to say that not everyone is particularly excited about seeing more of it. Of course, that doesn’t mean Toyota can’t put together an extremely spectacular spot – hopefully a lot more spectacular than this 90-second one.