BMW i5 Electric SUV Wants to Shock Tesla’s Model X

For anyone who wants to beat Elon Musk at his own game, maybe a Model X rival would be the better choice.

When a report came out late last year that the Bavarians could change their focus from a saloon to an SUV for the upcoming i5, some of us wondered if that wouldn’t simply make for way too many sports activity vehicles under one roof, especially with more on their way such as the X2.

Then again, it could be both types of vehicles were already in the pipeline and now BMW is simply deciding on which strategy to use if they are indeed to launch the i5 this year and have it on the road in 2017.

An all-electric SUV would make more sense, though, as Tesla has the niche all to its own and can’t build them fast enough to satisfy demand.

What’s certain is that the i5 will pack Munich’s full tech arsenal like the latest autonomous and connectivity features, lightweight carbon fiber construction and, perhaps, a plug-in hybrid or range-extender version for those not quite ready to go all-electric all the time.

As for this rendering, it’s instantly recognizable as a BMW from the front, while the rear shares plenty of the “i” brand features to remain plausible. Other than that, to each his own.

Renderings courtesy of RM Design