E90 BMW Driver Has Sudden Brain Glitch In Traffic

While there may be nothing wrong medically with the person behind the wheel of that white 3-Series, the fact that she didn’t realize her car was basically gliding on top of the tram tracks probably led to a completely avoidable accident.

That old saying that you should always beware, or better yet, be aware of the fact that you’re commanding a rear-wheel driven car, has led to both funny and tragic videos of people either losing control without realizing they were in danger, or simply testing the car’s limits in terms of grip and ultimately losing that battle.

According to this video’s description, the woman behind the wheel thought it was a good idea to accelerate while her Bimmer’s rear wheels were brushing against the wet tracks and the front wheels were turned slightly towards traffic.

While it’s hard for us to disagree with the owner of the dashcam car about what happened exactly, at first glance, it does simply look like she just turned into traffic intentionally, not realizing there was a car in what looks like her blind spot, at the moment of the turn.

What do you think happened? Cut and dry wheel slip and lack of awareness, or was it just a case of wrong place wrong time to get back on the road?