Hyundai Tucson Loses Its Footing, Ends Up In A Ditch

Generally speaking, when the road you’re on is covered in slush, you need to pay extra attention to your steering input.

Unless your life is in immediate danger, you’re actually better off not performing any wild evasive maneuvers, because they’ll probably result with you losing control of your car, much like what happens in this video.

The driver of the Hyundai Tucson (it’s hard to tell what type of car it is, but we’ll take the uploader at his word) obviously thought that the incoming car was either slightly inside of his lane or he simply stopped paying proper attention to the road and freaked out when he saw an approaching vehicle. Whatever his reasoning, he yanked on that steering wheel and the rest is history.

What we can see is that the car drove on for another couple of meters, and that the brakes were applied at one point, right before it went off the road.

Even though the Tucson ended up on its side, it’s safe to assume that the occupant/s probably weren’t seriously injured. But here’s hoping they were wearing seat belts.