LeBron James Is Space-Bound In Latest Kia K900 Ad

As it turns out, accusing King James of not driving the Kia K900 can have adverse effects on your pride.

The Cavaliers superstar is determined to face his social media accusers in all types of scenarios, by either challenging them directly or proving to them that what they’re saying can’t possibly be true.

So whether you think there’s a zero percent chance LeBron drives a Kia, or whether you’re willing to put up $10,000,000 of your own money saying there’s no way he drives to the Quicken Loans Arena in a K900, LeBron is having none of it.

This time, a social media user had the “audacity” to say that “LeBron drives a Kia like I fly a spaceship” – which in turn prompted the two time NBA champ to dress up like an astronaut since that person obviously has to have a space ship seen as how LeBron actually does drive his K900.

If that’s all it takes to get a response from him, maybe we should start saying things like “LeBron drives a Kia as often as he’s giving us personal endorsements”. Your move, King.