Check Out This V10 Symphony Compilation

Since the only thing better than watching supercars accelerate and sound off one after the other, is actually being behind the wheel of one, we still say watching this video makes for a good idea.

The name of the game is “Epic V10 Cars” and this compilation has plenty of them (not all stock), such as the Audi R8, the tire smoking Dodge Viper, the E60 BMW M5, the Carrera GT and well let’s not go ahead and name all of them because there are plenty of cars for you to spot if you go the length of the video.

There are also a couple of drag races, a couple of cool drifts and a nice surprise at the end where you’ll get to hear the king of all V10-powered automobiles – a Formula 1 race car.

Bottom line, if the sound of a V10 engine is good enough so as to brighten your day, just turn up your speakers and let them blast away.

After all, there’s no telling how much longer these types of power units are going to be with us.