Lincoln Navigator Concept Brings Future ‘Bling’ To NY

While we don’t expect gullwing doors on the production version of Lincoln’s Navigator Concept, we think it should still be able to turn more than a few heads, even without the help of Matthew McConaughey.

This concept was unveiled before the press could even walk over to it and snap any pictures, and we can understand why Lincoln would want it to come as a surprise to media members and potential customers alike.

While certainly spacious and imposing, the Navigator has never really had the same stylish credentials as the Escalade, for example. However, if this concept will faithfully represent most of what we’ll see once the finished product arrives, the likes of Cadillac and perhaps even Land Rover should start paying attention.

In front of the blue leather cabin with its six-seat configuration lies a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine, putting down more than 400 HP. So forget about the custom wardrobe management system in the back, once this thing hits production, people will want to hear about numbers, aesthetics and on-board tech – where we can expect systems such as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, a 360-degree camera and an enhanced parking assist system.

In terms of connectivity, the all-new Navigator should feature Wi-Fi and proper smartphone integration inside the cabin.

All in all, this concept should help put Lincoln back on the map, after all, it’s only a matter of time before professional athletes take notice.


  • Kash

    It’s not that it’s bad looking, it’s just that it’s so obviously copied from other brands (JLR, Tesla/Nanoflowcell, GM) that’s off putting. I see it and just go “It’s nice, a nice mashup.” and it’s a double sided compliment, because yeah it’s nice, but it’s not original, and I guess that’s Lincoln’s new design language. I’d respect them a little more if they just came out and said “Yes we took heavy inspirations from [insert list] and we’re proud of it because we see them as design leaders!” but they won’t ever do it, look at the Conti concept and when Bentley called them out, they sat there and did nothing but deny it saying “we didn’t copy that design”

    • ???

      Tesla? This style of doors have graced many a concept. Tesla was just stupid enough to put a compound action set of these into production. Mercedes the only gullwing worthy of actually having them. Your description is far more applicable to Kia or Hyundai antics than to anything on this vehicle.

      • Kash

        I only said Tesla because they actually used Gullwings on the Model X, another “SUV”- sorry I mean “Falcon Wings”- but from my comment on the very first post about this concept I also referenced the Nanoflowcell cars which all used almost identical gull wings. Yes gull wings are common, but you can still copy a specific iteration of gull wings. Personally I think Lincoln should’ve split these, half of the door goes up, half goes down to create the 3 steps. That would’ve been new.

    • Kash

      All i can see is:

      • Karl

        All we see is

        • Jesse A. C. Majors

          Hot damn

      • Carmaker1

        There are very deep reasons why Ford keeps doing what they are doing with JLR design attributes.

        They are bloody lucky as to how they have got away with it, due to some “legal liberties”.

        The new Jaguar design language and that of Land Rover, will be exempt from this.

        I disagree with your belief on similarities to the Yukon Denali. It is very much a larger L405 RR, with Lincoln grille and signature taillights.

        Both design programmes (Expedition) were 2015 design freezes and pretty much near final styling since late 2014, from find what I have been told.

        The new Expedition and Navigator were pretty much designed by the time the first examples of the P552 F-150 started rolling off assembly.

        The current facelift, was partly an aborted update originally for MY2011/12, resurrected late in the game.

      • CarCzarDesigner

        Absolutely, good job! Ford has the talent and most likely, developed several alternative designs when they developed this, which is standard practice. Without seeing what the alternatives looked like, it is hard to judge. So it may be this is the best they could come up with…which I think is pretty sad considering, the car companies only hire the top 1% of Designers coming out of school. However, the general excuse from management in Detroit is “We can’t afford the risk”, so they just play the game of copy cat. Ford could do better. The only consolation here is that this isn’t as unsightly as old one.

        • Kash

          It’s just sad because Ford’s design team either makes their copying way less obvious or they just do way less in general.

        • Tony

          I completely agree without seeing what possible other design they came up with. As to the similarities to the Range Rover they are going after the most luxurious brand in the market.

          • CarCzarDesigner

            Lincoln will probably be able to fool some people this is as good as a Land Rover, or it’s in the same league but, those who are affluent, educated and who know better, won’t be. It is too big, it looks like they modified a F-150 for this purpose and slapped a Lincoln badge on it. The dashboard looks like it came from the era when John Kennedy was President, with a touch.

      • Tony

        Ford/Lincoln borrowing from Range Rover & Jaguar makes sense. They owned both companies and I believe still consults with them.

        • Kash

          I know Ford still supplies the V6 diesels used in some Range Rovers and that the F-type was the first car to NOT use a Ford platform. I don’t see why JLR would have them consulting or what they’d be consulting on since Tata owns JLR now.

    • dumblikeyou2

      It’s just another example of Lincoln seeking attention with garish novelty design that’s subjectively (thanks to diehard fanboys) only skin deep instead of showing a near production concept that realistically would probably be fine, but if history repeats Ford’s infamous past of final product letdown, would have been the pre-letdown to the production letdown.

  • chippers

    I’m not a fan of SUVs but I love all the detailing and the interior on this.

  • Big Black Duck

    Looks better than the Escalade for sure…but they need to acknowledge they are using Hyundai’s playbook when designing vehicles…

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I think it looks better than the Escalade as well…but Hyundai’s playbook? Not on this…I mean this is Range Rover XL which makes business sense for those who want that look but think the Range is ‘small’ for their needs/money spent.

      This will sell like hot cakes in USA,

  • Ilbirs

    I liked this new Navigator in a concept-almost-production form. By what we could catch from the Continental, it’ll be another model that tells clearly in a nonverbal mode that it’s an American luxury ride and won’t try to disguise these characteristics to look like a Range Rover or a Mercedes GLS (formerly GL). It says clearly “I’m a premium SUV from the New World and I won’t make concessions for those who want to have an Old World’s brand 4X4 because my brand lost its shame of showing this to the entire world”.
    How will be the next production Navi? I guess most part of these lines will be kept just as done with the Conti, but ditching those exaggerated parts like gullwing doors and seats attached to the console instead of the floor. Other than this, maybe we’re seeing something that is less differentiated from the next actual generation than what we seem from the concept and production Continentals.

    • Carmaker1

      Please bear in mind, nearly all of these “concepts” are merely exaggerated previous have already approved final production designs.

      At this point one is just waiting for you to see prototypes testing and the reveal. Per a Ford Design insider, they got the 2018 Navigator styling down by the end of 2014.

      Take away the doors and pretty much you have it.

  • MultiKdizzle

    It looks OK – but its an SUV from a bygone era.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    I’m waiting for the Ford Expeditiion version.

  • Jordan Blood

    Reminds me of a range rover. Only better. This is the way to success for lincoln. Take what people like and improve on it.

  • no25

    The rear taillight isn’t working for me…everything else is pretty decent for a Lincoln. I like the shape, interior, grille works well for a full-size SUV, etc. It does looks narrow to me though. I know the rear taillight is their new signature design but it’s not integrated well.

  • MarkoS

    Hideous! I am still laughing!

    • Karl

      The jokes are on you though..

      • MarkoS

        Sure they are Karl…..

  • Shobin Drogan

    I remember when everyone thought carscoop was crazy for making the render of this, which looks exactly the same.

  • Tony

    That’s one good looking beast.

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    Well well

  • fabri99

    It bothers me that Lincoln needs silly “innovative” useless and weird details just to stand out. I know their car looks exactly like a Range Rover and they need something fresh and completely new, but that doesn’t have to mean useless. I mean…seriously? Gullwing doors? Stairs!? What even is that thing in the boot!? I know it’s a concept, but even production versions have weird things nobody asked for. What’s the point in those Continental door handles? They are just weird.

    • Kash

      What’s the point of Tesla’s door handles or the gullwings on the old SLS or suicide doors on RR’s or any real quirky feature on any car? None! There’s no reason to any of those features whatsoever! Other than to make repair bills proportionate to their MSRP. Lol.

      • fabri99

        Well, the SLS is a supercar that should impress, a Rolls Royce should embrace you with opulence and Tesla…well, they’ve become the Apple of cars, so just a Tesla badge is enough. Plus, these are not “new”, they are just unusual.
        Anyway, Lincoln is trying to get competitive once again: they should focus on contents, quality and looks. Not weird ways to impress. At least that’s how I feel. To compete with BMW, Lexus and Mercedes you don’t need crazy door handles, stairs on your suv or whatever.

        • Kash

          And I agree, but this is a concept. The triple step won’t make it to production, one fold out step? yes because it already is a popular option on large SUV’s. It’s just an exaggeration of something that already exists.

          There is no exact reason to explain the steps and doors other than it’s a concept and the design is completely conceptual. It’s like trying to rationalize coupe SUV’s, we don’t buy them because they’re useful, we buy them because we think they’re cool and look nice and they’re pure luxury vehicles. You don’t see an X6 and go “that person is probably on Welfare” they might be getting food stamps though. lol.

          Another thing to think about, all those cars are luxury brands. The Conti isn’t going to be an econobox, it’s a luxury vehicle marketed at the S/7/A8 and to garner attention they need to peacock and if the door handles get a couple people to go “oh thats cool! The other’s don’t have that!” then they’ve done their job. They’re completely useless and irrational, and I feel like Lincoln could spend their time doing better things than trying to design a quirky feature for a FWD Conti, but that’s how to chose to try and bring in sales, not in spending the money on something like quality seat backs then so beit.

          • fabri99

            Ok well, maybe you’re right… But still, as you said, they should spend their time doing something more useful. So, if the Conti doesn’t reach perfection, I’m going to hate those handles forever.

          • Kash

            I’m gonna let the handles stand on their own and I can already see problems similar to Tesla’s with these. I mean Lincoln hasn’t exactly been successful with touch sensitive things. Did we all forget how they switched BACK to regular buttons after their touch surfaces inside the cabin sucked?

          • fabri99

            That’s true.

  • roy

    okay…. this is just too much…. this concept looks good with slight grits, but will ford let go of JLR and aston already….. PLZ this is a humble request…… This INFLUENCES are really irritating

  • Kaptnkauto

    I don’t care if the gullwing makes it into production but those side steps that come out of the body… those would be amazing. This thing looks really good.

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    is no one else seeing the Audi-esk shape around the grill ? Not the grill itself but the outline around it. And I myself am not too happy with the taillights, they’re pushing it , already, with the one set on the Continental.

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