MCCHIP-DKR’s MC320 Is A BMW 220i With More Than 300 HP

Acquiring an M2 isn’t the only way to get the most out of a 2-Series thanks to MCCHIP-DKR and its aftermarket solution.

Τhe German tuner turned its attention to the lesser 220i and implemented a thorough modification program, with the end result named the MC320.

A bit short of the M2’s 370 hp output, yes, but squeezing 320 PS (315 HP) and 590 NM (435 ft-lb) of torque is no easy task, especially when you start with just 184 PS (181 HP) and 270 Nm (162 ft-lb) in stock form.

In order to achieve this performance, MCCHIP-DKR fitted a custom ECU, a “highly efficient” downpipe with a 200-cell-sport catalytic converter and a new turbocharger along with a larger intercooler.

Handling the seriously increased performance is a KW coilover suspension and the standard rims have been replaced by a set of 8,5×19-inch LV-1 ones.

The conversion kit costs €6,399 ($,7199), but there’s also a watered down variant which will set you back only €1,099 ($1237)! Why the huge gap? Because you’ll have to make do with a measly 255 PS (252 HP) and 542 Nm (400 ft-lb) of torque. The horror, the horror…