Rolls Royce To Present An Art Project Alongside A Bespoke Model

BMW’s centenary won’t steal Rolls’ thunder this year, as the British car manufacturer has commissioned a sculpture for the Rolls-Royce Art Program.

Art is a very important part of BMW group’s curriculum, as the company is closely working with various artists to express the automotive world through human creativity. Renowned Emirati artist Mohammed Kazem was selected to take part in the program and be responsible for the sculpture, joining artists around the world who have been commissioned by the prestigious marque to create unique construction.

The carving will be presented in late 2016 alongside a bespoke motor car which will be inspired by it. The latter could very well be the rumored Rolls Royce Grand Sanctuary.

Rolls Royce says that both the sculpture and the automobile are expected to demonstrate Mohammed Kazem’s particular interest in using latitude and longitude coordinates in his work, as the artist uses GPS as a tool for drawing shapes and recording a seemingly unimportant item’s location.

Having visited Goodwood, Kazem mapped out the localities of craftspeople who worked on the car, and used these data points as a recurring motif in both designs. The result will be a sculpture, made of metal, which will comprise a stack of these data points melted together to form an abstract shape – or so Rolls Royce says.

“It gives me great pride to be the first ever Emirati artist selected by such an historic and iconic brand as Rolls-Royce to be a part of their Art Programme. As an artist, a big part of my work is finding the right inspiration that can develop into an artistic expression, and Rolls-Royce is a brand that is full of inspiration from its rich heritage to the Bespoke craftsmanship throughout its build process. We are looking forward to creating something truly memorable and unique”, commented Kazem.