Rolls-Royce’s Next Concept Car Will Be The Grand Sanctuary

You don’t turn 100 every day, and although March 7th marked BMW’s centenary, the German car manufacturer plans to celebrate its “birthday” all year long. And what better way to do it than with a few concept cars?

BMW’s birthday will be so massive that it dragged Rolls Royce along for the party as well. According to Autocar, the Goodwood-based car company will reveal a concept car as part of the parent’s company centenary celebrations, joining concepts from BMW, Mini and BMW Motorrad.

The German group said that it will take its newly unveiled Vision Next 100 concept car on a world tour, stopping in London between 16-25 June – a location where the Bavarian company will unveil two further concepts from Mini and Rolls-Royce.

The latter will be known as the Rolls-Royce Grand Sanctuary and, as its name points out, it will concentrate on the ultimate automotive interior of the future – who better to come up with a bespoke, unique cabin than Rolls, right?

Not much else is known about Mini’s concept, but it will guide itself after the “Every Mini is a Mini” tagline and it will showcase the next 100 years of car personalization.

As BMW’s Vision Next 100 automobile will hint the next century of motoring, the German car maker’s Motorrad concept, tagged “The Great Escape”, will probably celebrate the next 100 years of “freedom”.