The Lowest Mileage E30 BMW M3 In The USA Will Cost You $200,000

How many miles does this 1991 BMW M3 have, you ask? Try 6,012 miles or 9,673 km, and last we checked, it’s the lowest mileage example in the States – it’s also said to be the last E30 M3 to be produced for North America.

According to the sellers over at Enthusiast Auto Group, the Alpine White 1991 BMW M3 was originally used as a BMW Promotional Pace Car at Lime Rock Park, but it was sold to David Hobbs with less than 200 miles on the clock to “fund repaving Lime Rock’s race circuit”.

The car is said to be in 100 percent original condition “with no changes or additions” even retaining the original tires, though, anyone planning to drive it, should obviously replace them.

The tradeoff for all that is, of course, the exorbitant asking price of $199,990, which is just shy of the combined equivalent of a brand new BMW M2 Coupe, M3 Sedan and M5 Sedan; but hey, you’re getting a piece of BMW history, even if the original M3 is slower than your average hatch these days…

And to imagine that this isn’t even one of the truly collectible E30 M3s, like the Johnny Cecotto specials or the 238PS 2.5L Sport Evolution models – and especially, the Sport Evolution Convertible, of which only one was made.

Do you think that there better ways to spend $200k these days on one or more rides?

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    $200,000…? YMBFJ…! You Must Be Joking…!

    • fabri99

      I Would Rather Buy Something Else

    • Tumbi Mtika


  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Bo Hanan

    Buy one with 40K miles (and no surprises) and save $160K.

  • anonymous

    $200k for an E30 M3? You got to be kidding me. $60k is already a lot of money for E30 M3. Why extortionate price

  • Six_Tymes

    who is the future sucker i wonder. nice care no doubt, dumb high price.

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