New Alfa Romeo Guilia QV Joins Italian Carabinieri [w/Video]

Alfa Romeo’s new Giulia Quadrifoglio is giving Italian Carabinieri their pride back, as the first two examples of the high-po machine developed for special police duty were presented today in the presence of FCA boss Sergio Marchionne and chairman (as well as grandson and heir of Giovanni Agnelli,) John Elkann.

With their arrival, they become the fastest and most powerful rides in the Italian police force, after the somewhat surprising move (for a country with so many sport brands) to employ two specially-prepped Lotus Evora S models back in late 2011.

And just like the British sports car, the Alfas will join the Arma dei Carabinieri in Rome and Milan to primarily provide rapid response and deliver essential emergency services. Only a select few Carabinieri will have the opportunity to drive these cars and only after having completed a special driving course taught by Alfa Romeo instructors.

The Alfas keep the same stock setup as the regular production Giulia QV, which doesn’t come to as a surprise since it’s powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine pumping out 510PS (503hp) for a 0-100km/h (62mph) time of just 3.9 seconds, but they do gain specific equipment for police use ranging from the roof-mounted LED strobes to the cameras and tablets inside.

FCA has an agreement with Italian police authorities to deliver around 800 cars over the course of 2016, including a number of Alfa Romeo Giuliettas, Jeep Renegades and Fiat Panda 4x4s.

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  • Like_It_Is

    Oh look, the Edsel is alive and well in the 21st century…now made in Italy.

    • Eunos

      U Dumb

      • Like_It_Is

        Oh really? How so?

        • europeon

          Because you’re a stupid ignorant american who has no idea that Alfa’s scudetto predates whatever Ford did with Edsel.

          You also probably think of Pep Boys when you see Maserati’s fender vents.

          • Like_It_Is

            Don’t call me an american because that’s an insult. Just because I know an american car doesn’t mean I’m american. I know BMW, does that make me German? You dumb fuck. You’re a stupid ignorant european that likes to pick a fight over nothing. Go back to your mommy’s basement and finish your veggies.
            And why the fucking hell would I think of Pep Boys when I see Maserati’s fender vents? I don’t even think of Pep Boys at all. If you think about Pep Boys you must be gay. You sick ass pervert. In fact if you think about America at all you must be mentally fucked up.

          • Tumbi Mtika

            Nice to know sarcasm isn’t lost on you… Dipshit.

          • Like_It_Is

            Well I guess they wouldn’t let me post what I really wanted to say. Probably too much profanity. I’ll just say this in return — you’re a stupid ignorant euro-PEON who is probably 7 years old who lives in his mommy’s basement and likes to start fights about nothing. I have a right to state my opinion just as much as you. This conversation didn’t even involve you but you were insecure enough about yourself to jump in. Congratulations, captain.

          • Tumbi Mtika

            You realize that you replying back in the way you did, started a fight, if anything. Two words. Respectful disagreement. Your comment was fucking dumb. And your replies are worse. Read a car history book. When you’re done with that get your head out your shitter. Piss off.

          • Tumbi Mtika

            You’re pushing it with America, man. I happen to live there and know this stuff too.

          • europeon

            Come on, I thought intelligent people don’t get offended by that.

          • Tumbi Mtika

            We don’t. 😉

  • Fling3t

    Let’s just hope that if you belong to the Italian mob and you find yourself chased by these, that they break down!

  • fabri99

    Once again, it is very intersting to notice how beautiful italian police liveries are, especially if compared to other countries’.

  • Evo45

    I wonder what are they going to do with Fiat Panda 4x4s…

  • Nigol T.


  • Thomas Triantis

    Some comments show, such a pathetic response… Many haters are still, stuck in the 80s, and even then…there was no such situation. Good thing… Italian cars return to the Carabinieri. Good modern cars!

    • europeon

      Say what? You made the only pathetic comment here.

      They currently have a very large fleet of 159s and Giuliettas, just like the had on the 156 era. And I’m not even mentioning the Fiats.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Still haven’t fixed your name, eh? 😉

        • europeon

          I’m not gonna post another animated Picard facepalm gif, just go Google one for yourself. 🙂

          • Six Thousand Times

            Taking that as a no, then.

  • antbee

    Now, just release the regular liveries to the public! I gotta see this beautiful beast in the flesh/metal!

    OK, I just looked at the photo gallery, after having posted my original comment.

    Alfa-Romeo and the Italian Carabinieri get a Standing “O” for having a six-speed manual in a police car!

    • John S.

      I completely agree! I just wish they would make a two door sports version, similar to the Alfa GT of the 70’s. I had a BRG with tan interior purchased in Brindisi from the Alfa dealer. Loved that car.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Cool cop car.

  • Andy

    It’s about time fiat…. Now start selling it ffs

  • Bo Hanan

    See all those electronics in an Italian car scares the sh#t out of me.

  • Vassilis

    Manual, PZero Corsas, great spec! It even has a lightsaber!

  • roy

    first build a car which people can buy

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