Nikola Motor Presents Electric Truck Concept With 1,200 Miles Range

Nikola Motor and Tesla Motors don’t have anything in common, except for their names inspired by the famous physicist. Yet the former might be on to something as well, with the recently unveiled electric truck concept.

The Nikola One study offers a 1,200-mile (1,931 km) range and a combined output of more than 2,000 HP and over 3,700 lb-ft (5,017 Nm) of torque, produced by six electric motors (one on each wheel) and a natural gas range extender. Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h), under load, takes around 30 seconds, while a diesel-powered semi would need double that time.

Power is sent to the 6×6 100 percent electric drive and the study also benefits from a 320 kWh battery, regenerative braking and fully independent suspension, claiming it can climb a six percent grade at maximum weight at 65 mph (105 km/). By comparison, a typical class 8 diesel truck, under similar conditions, “would have a hard time reaching 35 mph (56 km/h)”, says the company.

In the cab, the Nikola One is equipped with 15-inch touchscreen display, 10-inch instrument cluster display, 4G LTE internet and Wi-Fi, panoramic windshield, sunroof, 306-degree view cameras, 42-inch television, microwave, two full size beds and a full-size fridge and freezer. These features are powered by the 320 kWh battery pack and reportedly allow the driver to stay in the cab for almost a week, without draining the batteries enough to initiate turbine charge.

Operating costs on a heavy class diesel-powered semi-truck are between 40 and 60 cents per mile, but Nikola Motor states that their machine is estimate to drive at half that cost, meaning 20-30 cents per mile.

The manufacturer is working on a prototype and has started taking reservations, for $,1500. The plan is to create a lease program for truck drivers to pay $5,000 a month, which will include lease payment, unlimited fuel, unlimited miles, maintenance and warranty. Owners will also be allowed to trade-in their One for a new one every 72 months or 1,000,000 miles (1,609,344 km), with no additional cost. Prices for the Nikola One will range from $350,000 to $415,000, depending on options.



    …how long will it take to recharge this monser of a battery? maybe also one week 😉 But I do like this concept very much!

    • Smith

      The turbine constantly recharges the batteries, so it never needs to be plugged in. This company is assured of success, because they have the same fanciful dreams and lack of touch with reality that Elon Musk has, so investors and stock markets will love them. $30 billion valuation within 5 years or less.

      • Stephen G

        An engine that recharges batteries would make it a hybrid not an electric, like a freight train. No?

  • Antonio Bošković

    how much does it weigh?? here in europe in most countries truck and trailer has a limit of around 40 tonnes i think so with all this battery it must be heavy which leaves less for actual cargo

    • none

      Americans only allow a weight of 36 tons, so the european 40-48 ton limit shouldn’t be a problem. The bigger problem is its length.

      This style of vehicle with 75-80% of the chassis used for carrying a small house doesn’t work at all in europe with it’s length-limit of 19 meters for the entire vehicle, with trailer and all, and add to it that european roads are often MUCH narrower and with plenty of sharp bends where a long and clunky vehicle like this, with a trailer, would be amazingly difficult to manouver.
      European vehicles are focused towards cargo capacity, efficient use of the chassis, not for being an oversized RV.

      Not all of europe have the very low 40-48 ton limits btw, sweden allow 64 tons and 25 meter length nationwide with some roads allowing 90 tons and 30 meter length. Finland allow 76 tons nationwide, completely dwarfing the american and CE vehicles.

  • Blanka Li

    Oh look – There’s a pie in the sky.

    • Smith

      It’s an Elon pie, so they are guaranteed success. If not, why not, Elon spreads the same horse manure!

  • COOL.

  • MJack

    Yeah…but can it swim? On a serious note, at 110V, 5 miles of charging takes 1hr (give or take). So 1200 miles could take up to 240hrs…or 10 days! On 240V you’re looking at about 62 miles of range per 1hr of charge (again…rough estimates). So 1200 miles of range would take 19hrs of charge time. Seeing how most long range truck drivers will only allow for about 10hrs of down-time per day, this means you’re looking at adding a full day onto a 3.5 day trip. So……how is this 20-30 cents per mile????

    Yes – one could assume a supercharging station at truck stops. That would probably cut down total charge to about 4hrs +/-. But that’s a costly investment for the stops, and if it’s a big stop, could be a significant electrical cost which would deter them from upgrading.

    • LeftLanePrius

      Apparently it comes with a turbine that can burn either diesel, gasoline, or natural gas.

    • Smith

      Yes, but it sounds good and looks cool, so it will be exactly the same story as Tesla, successful despite the fantasy world they live in … Nikola Tesla is turning in his grave, to think two companies have abused his name now, and made a fool and a mockery of his name.

    • RicoOS

      Your talking about US domestic supply voltage, how many truck stops, or truck depots work on a domestic supply? Now try looking at commercial and 3 phase supplies, with much higher amperage rates, then come back when you realise your calcs are pure fiction.

  • rebman

    That will be a drain on the electrical grid here in the US. Where is all this electricity coming from? Burn coal to produce electricity to save diesel? Wind? Solar? Yeah, right. You can’t get something for nothing. In terms of performance, sounds good if these are accurate figures. If this is supposed to save us all from Al Gore’s global warming that has yet to strike, give me a break.

    • Enter Ranting

      It’s a whole new concept for a truck. Of course all the infrastructure details aren’t worked out yet. And Nicola isn’t planning on replacing all the diesel trucks on the road in the next couple of weeks. This truck simply shows what’s possible. If there’s demand for it, the infrastructure will follow. If it weren’t for smart people developing new technologies, goods would still be delivered by horse-drawn carriages.

      As for “Al Gore’s global warming,” have you not been paying attention to the weather in the last couple of years? Something’s up…

      • Status

        Props for the ‘smart people’. Someone has to step up to the plate with a new idea, even if it’s a bit outside the norm. Otherwise, engineering and industrial design are worthless pursuits, and dreams are disorders of the mind.

        I’ve always thought that 18 wheelers would be a very difficult task to electrify. I know the efficiency gains are there and ultimately it will have to happen, but the world needs more smart people. The horse-drawn carriage was a radical departure once…

    • Free Truth

      You must have math problems. Of course wind and solar can easily be used for charging such trucks ! Batteries can use the available power and spread it. Wind and solar profiles in most states give a variable but reasonably steady supply ! It is in fact a perfect match. Much harder to replace traditional supply for home use by renewables.

  • LeftLanePrius

    Semi trucks definitely need technology to accelerate faster to reduce traffic impact. I’m surprised trucks today do not have assisting electric motors to help increase acceleration and improved off the line torque.

  • smartacus

    1,200 mile range,
    power going to all 10 tires,
    max torque at zeroRPM.
    This would be the perfect semi

  • Smith

    That’s not bad though, only twice the price of a well equipped regular truck. Similar to a Tesla, only twice the price of what it’s worth. Guaranteed success if they follow the Tesla business model .. and their ATV is only twice the price of a regular one, and you will never recover your investment on that, because not many ATV owners care about “total cost of ownership”, actually none do! Good luck with that one.

  • Livingzombie

    A person that lokes the idea. But sti skeptical. For one u claim that this teuck can tow up a 6% grade at 65mph at max weight. Haha sorry but i come from a drivers life and their max weight is well over 70000 tons. Sorry future elecric engine. U need steroids in the engineringer department to even make that even remotly plossible. Sincer to the future streets that would own one if u do. Keep up the good work

  • Bob

    Sorry… NOT an EV, it’s a gas/electric hybrid. Headline misleading bait…

    I’m a little confused… thought they were building Nikola One HYDROGEN semi?? Is this it..
    Does it use gas to create hydrogen to power a fuel cell to drive the electric motors??
    Why not just charge a battery and go. aka/ Tesla Semi.

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