Jaguar Prices New F-Pace SUV From $40,990

Are you enamored of the new Jaguar F-Pace, and been wondering how much you’ll need to drop in order to put one in your driveway? Well now we have our answer. Jaguar Land Rover has just announced pricing for its 2017 model line in the United States, including the F-Pace, which starts at $40,990.

That’s for the 20d base model, which comes with a 2.0-liter diesel four rated at 180 horsepower. Gasoline power starts just a touch higher at $42,390 for the F-Pace 35t with the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 good for 340 horsepower. The top-spec F-Pace S packs that same engine rated only slightly higher at 380 hp, but commands a considerable premium at $56,700.  (All prices subject to an additional $995 destination charge.)

Of course, the F-Pace is substantially less expensive than the other new luxury performance crossovers coming from European automakers that have never delved into the territory before. But the Maserati Levante, Bentley Bentayga, and forthcoming entrants from Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce aren’t the territory Jag is going after here. Instead of targeting the Porsche Cayenne like many of those will, the Jaguar is positioned closer to the Macan – which also starts (a little) higher at $47,500. You can, however, get a Mercedes GLC for less (starting at $38,950). The BMW X3 ($38,950) and X4 ($45,250) split the difference in starting prices, but the Audi Q5 starts at a remarkably similar MSRP of $40,900.

Alongside the F-Pace, Jaguar has also revealed pricing for the all-new XE, which starts at $34,900 and tops out at $41,700, making it the cheapest new Jag you could get your hands on since the lamentable X-Type. The mid-range XF introduced last year also gets the diesel option as its new point of entry at $47,450. Jaguar also priced the F-Type range, with the new SVR model commanding $125,950 – or a good $20k more than the F-Type R that boasts 25 fewer horses.


  • CockneyblokefromReading

    …and still no sign of the new Defender…
    …Tumbleweed drifts past…

  • zsheps

    This is old news, no? I’ve definitely seen a bunch of these on the road in the past couple months.

    • ted doss

      A bunch huh? You must be seeing them all over the place. Common as the Honda Accord easily. Like maybe 300 have delivered in the US so far.

  • SteersUright

    Beautiful cars, but they really need to keep a sharp eye on reliability. I’ve been reading a ton of complaints in that area which makes me think (like BMW’s & Audi’s too in all fairness) that these Jag’s are to be leased only.

    • ted doss

      5 year bumper to bumper. Remember that Ford is no longer making them so reliability will of shot way up just on that alone.

  • eenymac

    I always find the pricing interesting on European models being exported to the US. For instance, the F-Pace is built here and, as the article states, the price for the base model starts at $40,990 in the US. That equates, at the current exchange rate, to £28,950 here, yet the cost for the base model here (same engine) starts from £35,020. Ah, it’s that pesky VAT again, as the price without it is £28,700. We sure do get ripped off!

    • CockneyblokefromReading

      They shoot themselves, don’t they? If the Evoque was priced at a lower level, they’d sell more of them…and make more profit.

      • ted doss

        I see your suddenly an expert on their pricing model. If they priced them 10% lower but sales didn’t go up accordingly then they would lose money. All depends on the silly assumptions running around in your head.

  • JBsC6

    The jaguar f pace is hot….I would have bought one had I not put down a grand on the tesla 3 ….

    • ted doss

      You could buy a f pace, drive it for 4 years then get your Tesla 3 if you lucky and its finally available. I’m sure it’ll be right on schedule, lol.

      • JBsC6

        Your suggesting a 4 year wait for a Tesla model 3? I have a corvette and a Cadillac awd 3,6 do to keep me happy although I was anticipating a 2 year wait maximum. It will be interesting to see if you are right. By then I’d be bored with both. I do want autonomous and ludicrous mode in an Aston Martin styled model 3 though. The model S is hot but too large for my taste. I thought the Jaguar was a nice competitor to the Porsche macan which was also a contender

        • ted doss

          Likely to be 2 years, the time will pass quickly. I’d get it in pink if I were you. Your mama says hi BTW.

          • JBsC6

            Child response….time for schooling …

          • ted doss


  • Carguru95

    I actually was at a Jag dealer yesterday and saw a mid grade model. It’s a little smaller than I had expected but it looks great.

    • ted doss

      Thanks for your terrific observation. Very insightful.

  • Fletchcar

    Drove one 2 weeks ago, Premium. Would want Prestige though; leather is leather and vinyl is plastic ya know? Took it around town and onto highway. I gotta say it’s very nice, smooth acceleration, flew onto the highway, great balance on the turns. Definitely more fun than my ’14 Q5 2.0T. On the other hand, the lease numbers are not great right now, but in no rush.

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