Nissan Engineers Create A 48 kWh Leaf Prototype In Their Spare Time [w/Video]

While most employees can’t wait to leave work sooner, a team of Nissan volunteers came up with a Leaf prototype fitted with a larger battery pack in their free time.

Codenamed “Cocoon”, in reference to the popular sci-fi movie with the same name, the vehicle was developed by a group of engineers at Nissan’s Technical Center in Barcelona (NTCE-S), Spain, and put through its paces in several ECOseries events, where it showcased its increased range.

It has been a great privilege to work on this project and see our finished prototype race in the ECOseries. We all have a real passion for what we do and being able to work on prototype projects gives us the creative freedom to be as innovative and forward-thinking as we possibly can“, said Senior Engineer at NTCE-S, Dario Fernandez.

Doubling the capacity of the production 24 kWh model, which can be driven for 124 miles (200 km) before needing a recharge, the 48 kWh Leaf won’t be put into production, but it could pave the road for the next generation model. This is expected in 2017 or the year after, with a 60 kWh battery pack, which could increase its range up to 340 miles (547 km), a significant improvement from the 30 kWh variant introduced a few months ago.



  • xdreamcarsx

    WOW! Should I be impressed now? They just doubled the capacity and ditched the rear seats for the batteries furthermore the car is only able to drive up to 200km.
    No innovation and no real improvement – I’m bored!

    • Mind Synthetic

      Sure nothing ground breaking, but at least they are dedicated and enthusiastic about their jobs. I bet you just sit in your mommy’s basement and get fat all day, or walk around all day flicking your P balls around like the rest of the zombies.

      • xdreamcarsx

        I feel sorry about you responding like this to me! The only thing I did was giving my opinion on this theme, I did not even insulted the Nissan workers and their dedication about their job. But what you did is the saddest thing in life because even if I would do all this thing that you mentioned about me (who the f*ck does even makes up things about a person he doesn’t know?!) I’d still be a smarter person than you! Your behaviour is the reason for hate in this world!

        • well I kinda agree with you, This is not new, nissan did it already for some EV race back in 2013 or 2014, when they create 48 Kwh pack.

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