Rare Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Spotted In Belgium

After posting a lap time of just under 7 minutes and 15 seconds at the Nordschleife, the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition’s notoriety grew to the point that its price on the used car market nearly doubled.

This is an exclusive supercar, as only 50 units were ever made out of 500 total LFA models. One even went on sale for £440,000 two years ago, which in 2014 meant the equivalent of $700,000 (now just $569,668).

Compared to the regular LFA, the Nurburgring Edition model came with an extra 7 kW (10 HP), bringing the total to 420 kW (571 PS / 563 HP). It also had a re-calibrated transmission offering faster gearshifts (by 0.05 seconds), stiffer suspension, lighter wheels, a front splitter and of course a rather large fixed rear wing that’s pretty hard to miss.

Speaking of being hard to miss, thanks to Melvin & Christ, this particular special edition LFA was captured on camera in a small town in Belgium called Spa, and brought to us courtesy of Autogespot. Safe to say, the car stands out without any difficulty, especially with all the hatchbacks, estates and MPVs in the background.

Even though the LFA isn’t exactly a groundbreaking car anymore, seen as how far the automotive industry has come since late 2012, lots of people still collect them, race them and appreciate them for what they were originally designed to be – lightweight, high-revving naturally aspirated V10 beasts.

Judging by today’s automotive landscape, how much would you say owning an LFA Nurburgring Edition is worth?