Domino’s Autonomous Pizza Delivery Vehicle Is A Real Thing

Pizza giant Domino’s is among the many who believe autonomous vehicles are the future and is hard at work developing and testing what it calls the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery robot.

Dubbed Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU), development of the curious robot commenced in 2015 with the help of Australian military contractor Marathon. The robot uses a variety of sensors to detect any obstacles impeding its ability to deliver toasty hot pizza and carried out its very first delivery earlier in the year.

While DRU is more of a marketing ploy than anything, the company is actually in talks with authorities in New Zealand to start large scale testing of the robot as it attempts to improve the speed and efficiency of pizza delivery. This is serious business after all.

As the robot is so small, we can’t imagine any authorities approving it for use on public roads meaning it’ll probably prove most effective in densely populated areas, sticking to the sidewalk for small journeys.


  • 101

    Great idea. Except hopefully they launch this far from ghetto people, who would just simply and obviously ruin this amazing technology

    • Andrewthecarguy

      All of a sudden pizza theft is on the rise and is a thing!

    • Zed68

      Free pizza… coooooool

  • TheHake

    Abviously the Oz defense contractor doesn’t get a lot of work from it’s govmund…

    • Andrewthecarguy


    • Poison_Eagle

      That’s because our country is run by corrupt criminal scum.

  • europeon

    This was a cool story… back in march when every other media outlet reported on the story.

  • fabri99

    Finally! Learning how to hack things could now turn up to be actually useful.

  • Matt T

    That’s swell, contingent DRU doesn’t need to climb stairs, go down a dirt road, run over a bridge without pedestrian lanes, or needs to go more than 3 mph to ensure your pizza arrives by Thursday next week. Stupid. Really stupid. Look to Amazon for *real* autonomous delivery options. This robot isn’t going to cut it.

  • Ken Lyns

    So how is a drone moving at walking pace going to deliver your pizza in 45 minutes or less?

  • Kevin Tay

    inb4 homeless people rob the ‘thing’

  • Poison_Eagle

    That’s cool and all but it should learn how to not give me food poisoning- which is par for the course whenever I get Domino’s.

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