HGK’s BMW F22 Eurofighter Packs 820HP Under Kevlar

F22 Eurofighter? Aren’t those two entirely different fighter jets? Yes, they are, but as any BMW enthusiast worth his or her roundel will tell you, the designation F22 doesn’t belong to the Raptor jet alone: it’s also what Munich calls the 2 Series coupe, upon which the venerable M2 is based.

This particular example, however, has been enhanced significantly by HGK Motorsport.

The Latvian racing tuner has completely transformed the little Bimmer for drifting, stripping it down to its bare chassis and rebuilding it from the ground up. It packs a General Motors LS V8 crate engine prep’d by Mast Motorsports to the tune of 820 horsepower, mated to a Samsonas five-speed sequential transmission and Winters differential.

The list of competition components goes on from there to include a 40-liter FIA fuel cell, Wilwood brakes, a fully adjustable suspension, front and rear crash bars, full roll cage… the works, all enveloped in custom Kevlar bodywork that makes it look as mean as any military aircraft.

It’s been built to Formula Drift specifications, and has just been delivered to MK Racing in Qatar – but you can check it out in this heart-pumping video courtesy of Robyworks.com.


  • MultiKdizzle


  • alexxx

    Jesus…. Yeeeeees

  • Big Black Duck

    offically bad ass

  • Leon Miller

    don’t insult my intelligence this isn’t a BMW but an insult to BMW a gm LSmotor pure n utter rubbish
    should have atleast a V10 bmw in it or call it an opel pure rubbish

    • Axel Cortez

      ls utter rubish??? da fuq are you talking about

      • Leon Miller

        it’s an insult and utter rubbish to put a gm engine into a bmw and call it a bmw it’s a massive insult to all who love bmw and german engineering which is the best in the world bmw porsche mercedes Lamborghini bugatti audi do you want me to carry on oh i almost forgot rolls royce bently all german egineering.
        So ti fit anything but german runnibg gear to a german car is rubbish

        • Axel Cortez

          Ok let me talk about your “german engineering” with facts (if you need proof I can provide them when I return from Seoul to my country)

          First car Seat Leon FR MK II German Engine 2.0 TFSI (same as the MKV GTI) in less than 70k km it blew the PVC, 3 secondary fuel pumps, DV, A/C Compressor, head gasket and 2 cam followers… I won’t complain much about this car because it was reflashed and the DV is crap after I changed for a forge it never had problems, the PVC is problematic in the 2.0tfsi is like the cancer of the car, the in tank fuel pumps also the second cancer and the compressor and head gaskets might been flukes the cam followers was a huge mistake.

          Second car E90 320i 4cil: it has 45k km one vanos (so far), air condenser, interior is melting (stays under roof all day) electrical issues (fuses blow and left me trapped in the car had to get out by the window) I lost the count on the head gaskets and other gaskets that leak oil (bmw service told me it is normal…) coil packs

          Audi Q5 2.0tfsi it had 20k km just liked to drink oil, but really not much of an issue and one headlight that loved to get damp when raining was changed just 2 times by the dealership

          X3 M sport 3.0 vanos and head gasket only sold it after 5k changed it for a Evoque got fed up on german engineering.

          Mustang 5.0 boss 302 0 issues 10k km
          Subaru BRZ 20k km supercharged 0 issues

          • Leon Miller

            The best engineering in the world and aftrr having worked on vehicles from all over the world you would be hard pressed to change my mind

          • Leon Miller

            You either had pure bad luck but I’ve had exactly the opposite to you my first e12 160k motor; my stupid wife ran it out of oil: next motor 440k still going strong when i got rid if it out of the next 5 e901.8 230k e39v8180k e39 525 240k e60 530140k 360 550i 201k I’ve had trouble with 1 transmission and 1 leaky rocker cover gasket
            In other words bugger all and as a mechanic I’ve worked on german cars and a few others over 30years on the spanners.
            Out of all makes of cars german are the only ones dedigned to work on and are the most reliable
            The most reliable jap car is subaru owned one and worked on many in my own workshop and dealerships
            So you either had bad luck or you never serviced them properly
            All my cars oil n filter change max 15k major service 30 to 45k at the outside sooner if necessary

          • Axel Cortez

            all my cars are serviced by me at 7500 km with motul 300v in all my cars. All failures of my german built cars are parts of the engine that are known to fail due to bad engineering, specially the damn vanos in BMW cars.

            never been much of fan of Japanese cars, but the BRZ from subaru/toyota really liked only sold it because i’m looking for another project car.

            My other car that is an Evoque has 10k km non issue so far, same with the boss 302

            been working on car for 10 years now

          • Leon Miller

            I will admit the first vanos was a problem but fixed on later models but I’ve never had the problem and as you can see I’ve had a good run out of them and after 35years as a qualified mechanic i will vouch for there good engineering compared to 99.9% of other vehicles I’ve ever worked on

          • Leon Miller

            Motul 300v is that the oil you’ve been using if so no wonder you’ve had problems because as much as i disliked castrol oils ive8found that the only oil that works in bmw is the castrol that they recommend because i know this sounds strange but that brand is specifically made for bmw and is the only oil bmw will warranty there mechanicsl parts with i must admit i find it strange but true

          • Axel Cortez

            Castrol makes the bmw branded oil, but as any company they also use other oils as per their list: Mobil 1, Penzoil, Shell and Castrol… Or any other brand that has LL-0X grade. Not only BMW does this, any car maker for that matter.

            Honestly even if I used Castrol which for the 320 did for 3 years as the all inclusive service (the X3 was imported so didn’t have that) the issues described with my car is something I see recurrently in the 320 e90

            When I changed to my home made service after warranty really thought that the car was going to get better, but nope still the same

          • Leon Miller

            Feel sorry for you you’ve had a bad run and I’ve had a pretty good one
            Out here in Australia I’ve only been able to get the castrol in that grade in full synthetic so thats what i use in my e60s in my e39 i just use mineral oil usually shell because they took iver penzoil out here and penzoil was my preferred brand with my race cars mainly vw powered off road drag racing n formula vee open wheel cars.
            Anyway i hope you have better luck in the future with whatever you choose but I’ll stay with german engineering it’s done me ok since 1958

          • Axel Cortez

            My SEAT FR was an amazing car, I mean after I fixed the two problems the car had from factory (DV and PVC) the car was making a lot more power than stock and it was a blast every single day.

            my bmw was the car that made me lose faith in the brand, and I would love to own an M2 for example, but every single time I go to the dealership I remember my e90 and steer away.

            I still love vag vehicles, I’m waiting for the RS3 sedan

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